Challenge: Achieve SOC 2 to close a large deal

OpsTel Services was on a healthy trajectory, and their services were well received by customers; however, they faced a significant barrier to future growth: The company needed to meet SOC 2 requirements ASAP. Not only was this a necessity for customer confidence, especially for larger enterprise customers, but a current customer requested a SOC 2 report to continue doing business with them.

Solution: Work with Thoropass experts to expedite compliance without risk of stalling growth

OpsTel Services turned to Thoropass, the only closed-loop compliance and audit solution, to help them along their SOC 2 compliance journey. With the support of Thoropass’s smart automation, expert guidance, and experienced in-house auditors, what would otherwise have taken several months to complete was accomplished in roughly two months. 

The implementation was straightforward, and the Thoropass platform served as the single source of truth. Combined with their in-house auditors, Thoropass provided the OpsTel team with the fair and transparent process needed for a streamlined SOC 2 audit.

Results: Customer confidence leading to a healthy pipeline

SOC 2 compliance has provided OpsTel Services’ customers with a level of confidence vital to their future success. The benefit to OpsTel Services is immeasurable, including adding deals to their pipeline, such as those they couldn’t have pursued without SOC 2.

With the SOC 2 stamp of approval, the future looks bright

Having SOC 2 is the stamp of approval they needed to show customers that they bring an elevated attention to detail, ensuring their data remains safe and secure. OpsTel Services knows that, and as long as they follow the Thoropass certification process, this will continue to be the case.




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