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The Challenge: 

Twentyeight Health deals with a level of protected health information (PHI) that requires HIPAA in order for them to conduct business. For companies in highly regulated industries like theirs, a robust compliance posture is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have. Not being HIPAA compliant would not only be a revenue blocker, but it could also result in hefty penalties and reputational damage that could damage the business.

Thoropass and NoName IT: The perfect blend of smart technology and consultative muscle

Starting from zero, they knew they needed the proper support to ensure a speedy and seamless road to HIPAA attestation. First, they searched for the right technology partner to provide a custom roadmap for their HIPAA compliance journey. Enter Thoropass. 

Twentyeight Health didn’t have time to wait the typical 3-6 months to become HIPAA compliant as it was blocking their ability to do business. So, they called in reinforcements to expedite the process and assist with execution. NoName IT came highly recommended by their Thoropass CSM as a go-to service partner with deep HIPAA expertise. Once connected, they were off to the races. According to Livia Keseman, Director of Product and Strategy:

Thoropass’s user-friendly and customized roadmap and the structured approach to milestones helped streamline their compliance efforts and allowed them to share their compliance timeline with partners that required it, ensuring business momentum never suffered. 

NoName IT played an instrumental role in helping Twentyeight Health build off Thoropass templates to create custom policies and procedures, which significantly accelerated their timeline to audit. 

Result: 0 to HIPAA attestation letter in 30 days 

NoName IT walked alongside the Twentyeight Health team throughout the Thoropass onboarding and implementation process. Thanks to their support, the process was remarkably smooth and quick. For organizations starting from scratch, HIPAA compliance typically takes several months, but with the assistance and support of NoName IT, Twentyeight Health breezed through the entire process in only 30 days.

It was indeed a vendor match made in heaven. The Thoropass platform provided the perfect roadmap and templates. NoName IT brought the HIPAA expertise required to unearth and identify the nuances of Twentyeight Health’s business to customize the process.

The future is looking bright (and compliant) 

Partnering with Thoropass and NoName IT has proven to be a cornerstone of Twentyeight Health’s business success. Twentyeight Health plans on continuing to work with Thoropass and NoName IT to maintain HIPAA compliance moving forward. 

The ability to house their most up-to-date policies and procedures within a single source of truth empowers them to ensure their commitment to providing top-notch reproductive and sexual health services remains unwavering, without disruption.

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