Audits the oro way

An audit that feels crazy good

In-house experts and out-of-this-world automation: this is the OrO way of doing audits and delivering your new reality.

Never go back

Peanut butter and jelly. Audits and automations. Some things are just meant to be together.

Audits have bad reputations for good reasons: dozens of spreadsheets with rolling deadlines, version control, and missing data can eat away at your productivity. We fixed this by finding the magic balance of people and technology to solve your problems.

Most software platforms allow you to collect your evidence to then pass off to a stand-alone auditor. Then the errors and back-and-forth begins.

The evidence collected is programmatically verified and auditor-approved from start to finish, making the actual audit a breeze.

Audits without aggravation

A compliance solution without an in-house auditor is like a plane without a pilot

We team you up with an expert auditor from Day 1 to not just solve all of your current compliance problems, but make sure there are no surprise headaches in the future, too.

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Don’t have time for a demo? Here’s a quick preview.

We pride ourselves on custom solutions for each unique business, but this preview covers the bases.

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Save yourself time, money, and frustration with seamless security audits

Do more with less by combining automation and audit in one, cohesive platform. See how Thoropass reimagined security audits.

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