Fastest path to SOC 2 audit

Automated evidence gathering and streamlined audit process produce a higher quality audit 60% faster.

Lowest lift for your company

Minimal clerical and communication overhead with 90% less time spent on audit preparation.

Highest quality audit report

Tech-led audits = digitally verifiable + no human error resulting in a thorough report accepted by discerning vendor review teams.

An end-to-end integrated experience

The proof is in streamlined outcomes

Lacking auditor-approved monitors, other compliance software solutions only support your readiness. This leaves the heavy lift of coordinating complex auditor communications to you and your team. See how the Thoropass platform streamlines evidence collection. The Google MFA example below is just one of many ways we put time back in your day and streamline your audit.

An infographic shows a back-and-forth process for evidence collection in a typical readiness software, compared to a two-step process in Thoropass.