An inefficient compliance platform delayed progress

Victoria G., Chief Information Security Officer at BeHome247, was committed to completing a SOC 2 audit to meet customer demand and prove the company’s commitment to compliance. She partnered with a well-known compliance vendor, but she and her team were frustrated by the vendor’s inefficient, difficult-to-use platform. Despite significant time and effort, they were making limited progress. They needed a simple and streamlined solution to guide the detailed SOC 2 requirements, as well as manage ongoing compliance.

Simplify the SOC 2 process by migrating to Thoropass’s compliance and audit solution

Victoria pulled the plug on their other vendor and chose Thoropass for BeHome247’s SOC 2 certification. Victoria had worked with Thoropass in the past, and knew how their easy-to-use platform combined with a team of compliance experts made the process smooth and straightforward. 

After a seamless onboarding process, the team quickly found that Thoropass met everything on their wishlist: automated monitoring, centralized policy management, risk management tools, efficient documentation and evidence collection, a user-friendly interface, and even the SOC 2 audit itself. On top of that, Thoropass’s support team provided clear guidance and indispensable support to help them glide through the SOC 2 process.

The team’s favorite part about switching was the ability to consolidate multiple policies from their previous platform into one comprehensive policy.

A successful audit in just two months brings new market opportunities

BeHome247 went from onboarding to audit in just two months, significantly beating their timeline expectations. With their successful SOC 2 report, they will attract new customers looking for top-tier data security, solidify customer trust, and further define their internal processes.

A transformed approach to long-term compliance

In order to maintain the certification, Victoria and the BeHome247 team will continue to partner with Thoropass for ongoing compliance monitoring. They’ve said that Thoropass reshaped their view of compliance from an arduous task to an essential part of their governance that doesn’t have to be painful.




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