Meet Fortune 100 customer compliance standards as a startup

As a startup selling to larger companies, Prefect knew the bar for compliance was high from the jump. They were in talks with a Fortune 100 customer who required a SOC 2 report to close the deal. Prefect needed a plan to navigate the complex landscape of compliance requirements successfully and quickly—without compromising quality. 

Work with an all-in-one compliance solution complete with automation, expert guidance, and audit service

Prefect turned to Thoropass’ complete compliance and audit solution to build a custom and sophisticated infosec compliance program. Thoropass provided the framework, guidance, and support to meet and exceed expectations. Prefect utilized Thoropass to demonstrate organizational security, streamline compliance processes, and prepare for their SOC 2 audit. They also leveraged Thoropass’ in-house auditors to complete the audit itself.

Their dedicated Thoropass representative added the perfect human touch to augment the AI-infused technology and ensure they were more than ready for their SOC 2 audit. As a result of their thorough preparation, there was limited back-and-forth during the audit period, which greatly expedited the entire process.  

Through the Thoropass platform, Prefect could easily and efficiently assign responsibilities, manage policies, and gain internal confidence. The interactive platform facilitated dialogue with auditors, addressing discrepancies in real time. As a result, Prefect completed its first SOC 2 audit with their in-house Thoropass auditor in just over a month.

Significantly faster procurement for companies of all sizes

As a result of their SOC 2 report, they successfully closed their first Fortune 100 business and several more in short order thereafter, each with a rigorous procurement process. And their SOC 2 report continues to reap benefits. Procurement can sometimes come with up to 250 questions in a spreadsheet, but having gone through SOC 2 with Thoropass, Prefect is confident their policies demonstrate organizational security and will always have the right answer to any questions thrown their way.

Their SOC 2 report isn’t just helping Prefect close large enterprise deals. Smaller customers are increasingly asking for SOC 2, and with their report always at the ready, they can avoid drawn-out inspection and diligence processes. Prefect now sails through procurement, easily answering questionnaires and needing zero to minimal follow-up.

Maintain best practices and expand compliance program

Now that best practices are implemented, Prefect looks forward to continuing their future compliance journey with Thoropass. Knowing they’ll always have the support they need, they feel confident to meet all their compliance goals.

Next steps for Prefect’s compliance journey include working with Thoropass to build off the solid foundation they’ve built and grow their compliance program to include other frameworks and standards. 

Managing their ongoing compliance requirements is now virtually effortless with help from Thoropass’ intuitive platform. Since compliance isn’t a distraction, the Prefect team can focus on their business and explore future growth opportunities. 

With Thoropass as a reliable compliance partner, Prefect is well-positioned to navigate the evolving landscape of regulations and continue providing top-notch services to its diverse customer base.




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