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The challenge: Enhance compliance capabilities to demonstrate excellence to clients

O3 Solutions sought to enhance its compliance capabilities to demonstrate excellence to clients. With the need for stringent security measures, especially in the cloud-based software realm, obtaining certifications like SOC 2 was imperative. However, the challenge lay in finding a compliance solution that aligned with O3’s agile workflow and could efficiently handle audit-related tasks without disrupting operations.

The solution: Partner with a comprehensive solution offering key integrations

After an extensive evaluation of compliance solutions, O3 Solutions ultimately chose Thoropass for its unique and comprehensive process—The OrOTM Way, a complete end-to-end compliance and audit solution that includes the auditor in the conversation from day one. The platform could streamline the compliance readiness audit process like no other, allowing O3’s team to focus on audit deliverables—rather than time-consuming administrative tasks. Not to mention, the process of onboarding was a breeze seeing that their critical hosting and development platforms like Azure, Atlassian, and Office365 integrated with their Thoropass instance on day one.

The results: Nailed SOC 2 in three months unlocking business growth

The implementation of Thoropass significantly reduced the time and effort required for audits. O3 Solutions successfully obtained SOC 2 attestations in approximately three months, enhancing its credibility and opening doors to more clients requiring stringent security compliance. The seamless integrations and key automations provided by Thoropass allowed O3 to scale its business while maintaining compliance standards, contributing to improved business operations and client satisfaction.

The future: Maintain continuous compliance and expand programs leveraging Thoropass’s unique capabilities

Moving forward, O3 Solutions plans to leverage its compliance certifications to further expand its client base, particularly among major companies and organizations with rigorous security requirements. The partnership with Thoropass continues to evolve, with both parties committed to ongoing improvements and expansion of O3’s compliance program. As O3 Solutions grows, its collaboration with Thoropass will remain integral to its success in maintaining compliance and delivering value to clients. 




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