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Manual HIPAA compliance processes were time-consuming and risky

Emily Ingram, Business Development and QA Manager at TN Outsourcing, wears many hats. She’s responsible for both ensuring the quality of their services and managing client relationships, including the regulatory compliance required by those clients. 

Any organization that handles patient health information (PHI), including healthcare technology companies like TN Networks, requires continuous HIPAA compliance. However, Emily and the team were bogged down by manual processes. Team leaders were training employees on HIPAA using a PowerPoint presentation and keeping manual logs. Without a centralized compliance management system, the process was inefficient, risked non-compliance, and introduced delays in responding to customer inquiries. 

The team knew there must be a better way to manage compliance, so they asked their industry networks for recommendations and learned about Thoropass.

Partner with Thoropass to automate HIPAA compliance with speed and accuracy

TN Outsourcing chose Thoropass to streamline its HIPAA compliance, trading manual tasks for automated workflows.

The implementation process took only three months, from onboarding to audit. The TN Outsourcing team met weekly with their dedicated Customer Support Manager (CSM), who guided them through the process step by step, offering detailed guidance and answering questions along the way. With the help of their CSM, TN Outsourcing seamlessly integrated the Thoropass platform into their existing processes, automating many manual tasks and ensuring accurate, comprehensive records.

TN Outsourcing eliminates manual compliance tasks while gaining credibility and trust

TN Outsourcing achieved its initial goal of saving significant amounts of time on manual tasks. Now, they can focus on more strategic activities, like ensuring client satisfaction.

With its third-party HIPAA attestation in hand, TN Outsourcing has improved its security posture, and both the company and its customers have gained confidence in TN Outsourcing’s ability to manage sensitive patient data. The company plans to expand within the healthcare industry and knows the HIPAA badge on its website will help open the doors to new growth.

“We are hopeful that having Thoropass backing will enhance our credibility and trustworthiness, helping us attract new clients and expand our business opportunities,” said Emily Ingram.




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