One audit, multiple frameworks

Our experts can ensure that your first audit can easily transfer to other frameworks, so that SOC 2 can become ISO 27001, HITRUST, etc.

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The dashboard of mulitple frameworks available in Thoropass
Continuous Monitoring
Continuous compliance, reduced risk

Thoropass’s solution doesn’t sleep so that you can. We continue to collect evidence, maintain controls, and monitor your systems to reduce risk.

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An automated security monitor fires in Thoropass
Your systems, our solution

We integrate with the most important technologies for your audit so that everything is frictionless.

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A gallery of available integrations for Thoropass users
Compliance at scale

We meet businesses where they are and guide them to where they want to be

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A successful audit in the Thoropass platform
Expertise without expense

Hiring a well-resourced team is difficult and expensive, but with Thoropass the experts are included.

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Collaboration occurs in the Thoropass platform
Get started
Take the friction out of compliance

Forget the old way of doing things. Talk to our team about how we’re reimagining compliance.

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Our satisfied clients continue to grow

Talk to an expert

Compliance isn’t just smart security, it’s smart business

Talk to a Thoropass expert today to discuss how to refine and/or expand your compliance frameworks so that your business can be both more secure and more ready to do business.