Global growth means ever-expanding security requirements

CLEARGOALS partnered with Thoropass in early 2022, initially to achieve their SOC 2 audit. As a result of their strengthened security posture, they were able to expand to more and more enterprise clients. 

However, some prospective clients had additional security requirements, particularly in Europe, and CLEARGOALS needed to stand out. To do this, they needed a partner to help them navigate the complex world of compliance from a global standpoint

CLEARGOALS chooses a continued partnership with Thoropass to maintain multi-framework compliance and achieve global expansion

Carl Chebli, Director of Operations at CLEARGOALS, knew Thoropass was the partner they needed to help achieve the next step: their GDPR audit. From his experience pursuing SOC 2 Type 1 and 2, Carl knew that Thoropass brought the right team of experts combined with a strong platform to get the job done smoothly and accurately. 

Thoropass streamlined the compliance process by hosting compliance management and an integrated audit all within the same platform, making for seamless communication. Features like smart automation, integrations, and alerts removed friction from the process. But what Carl valued most of all was the expert support, attention to detail, and customer service Thoropass delivered. His dedicated Customer Success Manager was just like part of his own team.

Key account renewals, expansion in Europe, and headache-free compliance

A successful GDPR audit strengthened CLEARGOALS’s security posture further, opening up enterprise growth opportunities in Europe and increasing its credibility.

Importantly, they retained top clients, indicating that CLEARGOALS’s security clearance increased customers’ level of confidence. The decreased risk also brought internal benefits at CLEARGOALS, from better insurance premiums to peace of mind. 

A unified solution to multi-framework compliance

As part of their ongoing compliance partnership, CLEARGOALS is looking forward to working with Thoropass to leverage their Unified Controls as they begin navigating additional frameworks. This will make their compliance even easier to monitor and improve security while enabling business growth. 

With a trusted partner like Thoropass, CLEARGOALS is prepared to spice up their clients’ marketing technology all over the world.


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