Tellescope’s free, self-serve compliance solution didn’t offer much-needed support

A few years into the business, Derek Strauss, COO & Co-Founder of Tellescope, needed to raise the bar to meet prospective customers’ security standards. The large healthcare organizations they were targeting required not just HIPAA, but SOC 2 compliance as well.

At first, Derek and his team tried to meet the standards with a free self-serve compliance solution that relied heavily on the company to manage its own compliance process.

Derek realized they needed outside expertise to get the job done efficiently and correctly. They explored a few well-known vendors in the space, but those solutions only offered the prep work and not an in-house auditor—Tellescope would still have to find a third-party auditor for their audit that might not’ve been as familiar with the software they were using.

When Derek met Thoropass representatives at an event, he learned there was a better way.

Partner with Thoropass to quarterback the audit process

Derek chose Thoropass to help Tellescope achieve its SOC 2 Type 1 audit. The deciding factor was the comprehensive nature of Thoropass’s integrated model, which marries easy-to-use software with in-house compliance experts and auditors who offer ongoing guidance and checkpoints.

“Thoropass’s pricing, software, and customer success team were everything we needed rather than trying to figure it out ourselves,” said Derek.

From the initial scoping call, Thoropass’s infosec team helped Derek and his technical co-founder, Sebastian Coates, figure out exactly which controls Tellescope needed for their unique business case. A smooth onboarding process and weekly check-ins with their dedicated Customer Support Manager helped Derek and his team through the process with confidence and clarity.

Meeting their SOC 2 deadline helped them win their biggest customer

The Tellescope team had a contractual deadline to achieve SOC 2 Type 1 compliance in order to secure their biggest customer to date. With Thoropass’s streamlined solution, they started the process in December and completed their audit in February—successfully meeting their customer’s deadline.

Since then, the SOC 2 Type 1 report has offered peace of mind to both Tellescope and its prospective customers. According to Derek, healthcare organizations have had no issues or questions regarding the quality of the audit.

As a next step, Tellescope is now working with the Thoropass team on their SOC 2 Type 2 audit, due to be completed in September.





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