High Quality Reports

Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats with an in-depth, audit-ready report.

Thoropass Pentesters

Consolidate your compliance and security efforts and save time searching for a third-party vendor.

A Single Support System

Receive consistent, award-winning service streamlined to eliminate inefficiencies.

The OrO Way

Self-requests are easy from within the platform, seamlessly completing the pentest piece of the compliance puzzle.

The Thoropass Advantage

Proactive, seamless, and comprehensive: Meet The OrO Way for Pentesting

Not only is it mandatory for PCI and HITRUST, it’s also the quickest and simplest path to meeting SOC 2 and ISO requirements. With Thoropass, pentests become a strategic enabler for your business, boosting confidence in your cybersecurity strategy and ensuring compliance.

How it Works

Audit-ready reports delivered in six simple steps

Our experienced pentesters follow a prescribed and thorough 6-step process.

Step #1
Scoping call

This crucial step involves a detailed discussion between the pentesters and the customer to define and agree on the scope of the attack, including defining the assets, establishing the rules of engagement, setting communication protocols and agreeing on a timeline.

Step #2
Information gathering and reconnaissance

In the reconnaissance stage of pentesting, testers gather crucial target information like open ports, subdomains, and technology stack through methods including OSINT, Google Dorking, and port scanning.

Step #3
Scanning and enumeration

During this phase, scanning covers the entire scope of the application, and every segment is assessed for security issues in order to catch low-hanging fruit and point testers to more vulnerable areas.

Step #4
Manual exploitation

Pentesters use proxy tools to simulate real-world-cyber-attacks, identifying vulnerabilities such as authorization bypass and data exfiltration, while adhering to security standards published by OWASP.

Step #5

In the final step, pentesters compile a comprehensive report showcasing exploited vulnerabilities, accessed data, and undetected system presence. The report, including categorized vulnerabilities, adheres to industry standards like CVSS 3.1.

Step #6

Thoropass offers unlimited retests within a 90-day period for every identified vulnerability.