Guidance on the right frameworks

“Multi-framework” is our middle name. SOC 2? ISO 27001? No matter the acronym, we got you!

Whether you know what you need or want to future-proof your compliance efforts, our universal controls, in-house auditors, and automating platform keeps everything in one place to keep you covered.

Powered by automated software and expert services
Complete and frictionless SOC 2 audit reports
ISO 27001
Compliance that begins with meeting your auditor on Day 1
Protect your EU buyers no matter where you do business
Protect cardholder data better than protecting your wallet
Smart automation and continuous monitoring
The “gold standard” in health-related compliance
Other frameworks
We got you, including CCPA, PIPEDA, FERPA, and beyond

Compliance done right: The OrO way

One framework or many, we’ll get you there with intuitive software, in-house auditors, and expert guidance

The OrO way is more than just readiness software and an audit. It’s an ecosystem of technology, expertise, amazing support, and guidance. It’s the right way to manage your infosec compliance initiatives.

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A single platform for your multiple security priorities

Thoropass is your single source of truth for all compliance efforts.

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Audits, the OrO Way

Meet your in-house auditor from Day 1 for stress-free transparency throughout the entire audit process.

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Compliance solutions for every industry

Get a custom compliance roadmap to meet your organization’s unique needs

Do business better, and at scale, with a compliance posture that opens doors to bigger enterprise deals in highly regulated spaces like government, financial institutions, and healthcare systems.

Complete compliance for HealthTech organizations

Healthcare data breaches are increasing at an alarming rate. Grow your business by staying ahead of the curve with data hygiene and information security.

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FinTech compliance that drives ROI

All your compliance needs satisfied in single platform with universal controls, automation where it matters, and dedicated experts to guide you every step of the way.

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Compliance that’s no longer a pain in the SaaS

In the world of B2B SaaS, doing “more with less” can give you the competitive edge. Thoropass can help you achieve multiple certifications and attestations with a single audit.

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We’re in the business of helping your business

We live in turbulent times when it comes to information security and data privacy. Find calm waters with the only comprehensive, end-to-end compliance and audit solution.

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