The compliance journey was at risk of slowing down

Kado’s SOC 2 journey with Thoropass started fast and only gained momentum from there. Because of Kado’s desire to move quickly, implementation moved along at breakneck speed as action items were numerous but high-level and straightforward. However, as they approached the later stages of their compliance journey, they knew they needed to supplement their resources to handle more complicated requirements better. They needed someone to help them get into the weeds—else they risked slowing the process down. 

The Kado team knew that achieving SOC 2 was essential for their long-term success; however, business was growing, and the team needed to put their focus there. So they called in some reinforcements to avoid pushing compliance to the back burner.

Thoropass + Cybersecurity Expert on Tap: The winning team

Kado reached out to their Thoropass CSM for a recommendation on how to maintain the momentum toward their goal of achieving SOC 2. Their CSM connected them with the perfect service partner from the Thoropass Partner Ecosystem: Mark de Rijk of Cybersecurity Expert on Tap

While Thoropass provided the intelligent automation and expert guidance needed, Mark was able to serve as a fractional vCISO, helping Kado navigate the minutia, and consult on key business decisions—like what market expansion might look like from a compliance perspective or which partnerships to pursue (or to avoid.) Thoropass and Cybersecurity Expert on Tap proved the perfect combination of technology and deep expertise Kado needed to ensure they stayed full steam ahead and didn’t miss a beat on the road to SOC 2. 

Smooth sailing from 0 to SOC 2

Thoropass’s complete compliance and audit solution, combined with Mark’s tactical support and expertise, helped Kado effortlessly sail through the final leg of their SOC 2 journey. As a result, the Kado team could focus on what they do best—growing and scaling the business. 

Cybersecurity Expert on Tap played a crucial role during Kado’s audit, supporting them at every step of their custom Thoropass compliance roadmap, from joining all audit-related calls to ensuring the reports were thorough and accurate. The extra expert eyes helped ensure a smooth and efficient audit experience, and Thoropass’s platform provided a centralized hub where they could manage their entire compliance journey from one place. 

The future looks bright for Kado. With lofty plans of expanding the business, they are poised to scale their compliance program with maximum efficiency utilizing Thoropass and Cybersecurity Expert on Tap as their long-term compliance dream team.

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