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Storeroom Logix (SRX) realized they needed to achieve SOC 2 in order to close larger deals and grow the business; however, they also recognized they needed to level up the resources and knowledge in their toolbelt. They wanted to build confidence internally and get to their SOC 2 audit even faster so they weren’t leaving millions in ARR on the table. 

Lack of resources to achieve SOC 2 as quickly as needed

SRX is a small, growing company that provides a proprietary, SaaS cloud-based software investor management platform and supporting equipment to distributors to improve their inventory management practices. As SRX began offering services to larger, more sophisticated companies, they knew the achievement of SOC 2 compliance would not only benefit the company but their customers as well.

As a smaller company, SRX had limited resources and no high-level in-house compliance expertise to pursue their SOC 2 audit on their own, so they engaged BrightScale, an AWS advanced consulting partner and part of the Thoropass Partnership Ecosystem, to leverage their expert guidance and expertise and help facilitate the process. 

When BrightScale connected them to their trusted partner, Thoropass, they felt even more confident to dive in, knowing the complete compliance platform would help simplify the complex auditing process with their step-by-step roadmap and execute a quality audit, seamlessly. 

Once BrightScale onboarded SRX to Thoropass, they knew they had both the consultative and technological muscle needed to get the job done. Together, BrightScale and Thoropass are helping accelerate SRX’s journey to SOC 2. 

Thoropass + BrightScale: Better Together

With the Thoropass platform, they could rely on the roadmap and notes to guide them through each phase of their journey. And they were able to send messages to the Thoropass admin directly within the platform keeping everything centralized and the process streamlined. 

Working with both Thoropass and BrightScale left SRX feeling confident that they will not only achieve their certification, but enhance their internal operation system’s security, and improve their overall business operations.

Plus, BrightScale was able to offer hands-on support, including:

  • Identification of the compliance roadmap
  • Development of policies and procedures for SOC 2
  • Evaluation and execution of infrastructure changes
  • Implementation of process changes

Achieving SOC 2 will enable millions in ARR for SRX

One of SRX’s largest customers made it a requirement in the contract to have a SOC 2 report. Closing this deal will secure over a million dollars in ARR for the company. Achieving SOC 2 certification enables SRX to continue to grow and enhance their vendor management inventory offerings.

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