The Challenge: CLEARGOALS needed to meet the increasing security demands of enterprise customers

Over the past couple of years, CLEARGOALS noticed a trend among its enterprise customers: An increasing demand for a more robust security posture from their third parties, such as a SOC 2 report, or at the very least, a clear roadmap on how they plan on achieving it. Beyond that—in a world of constantly evolving regulations—savvy clients also wanted insight into how they planned on maintaining compliance long term. Recognizing the imminent need to meet these rising security expectations, CLEARGOALS embarked on a compliance journey with ambitious goals and timelines. They needed the right partner to tailor a custom compliance roadmap to meet their unique business needs and who could also provide guidance and support to ensure they move through it with thoughtful speed. 

The Solution: Choose Thoropass as the path of least resistance toward their SOC 2 goal

In their search for a trusted partner, CLEARGOALS considered several solutions. After an in-depth discovery process, they knew there was only one way forward for them. They wanted a partner who shared an approach to compliance that stood out by removing every barrier to entry and transparency by hosting management and auditing all on the same platform. Thoropass’s team provided expert support during the implementation process and facilitated smooth communication from start to finish, ensuring CLEARGOALS a successful SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 audit. 

The CLEAGOALS team was also able to oversee the maintenance and continuous improvement of their compliance program thanks to the Thoropass platform’s smart automation, integrations,  and alerts. The seamless audit experience was a game changer. Smooth, centralized communication with the auditors meant minimal distractions and back-and-forth compared with the traditional audit process. By leveraging Thoropass to cut through the noise around the “old way” of doing compliance, CLEARGOALS could focus on what really mattered and better balance compliance with the many other demands of the business. 

Results: Compliance confidence and customer retention

Achieving their SOC 2 Type 2 attestation significantly impacted how CLEARGOALS does business. Clients feel at ease knowing their data is safe, which enhances the value of CLEARGOALS’ service. 

But wait, there’s more! 

Not only does having their SOC 2 demonstrate to clients and partners they take information security seriously, but it’s also resulted in tangible business benefits. They retained their most loyal customers and facilitated up to five new key product partnerships.  

Looking Ahead: Continuous compliance with Thoropass

CLEARGOALS plans to keep its certification up-to-date by leveraging Thoropass’s continuous monitoring and ongoing compliance services. The experience with Thoropass fundamentally transformed how CLEARGOALS thinks about and approaches compliance, and the sky’s the limit as they continue to grow and scale. 




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