Winwware’s technology captures and analyzes deep product usage by customer segments. Thus, data privacy, security, and customer trust are critical to its success.  Winware needed an affordable solution to quickly and efficiently get their SOC 2. They knew it would be crucial to seek out a holistic solution that could not only help them with SOC 2 compliance but would also guide them to SOC 1 as well. Later in their journey, Winware also recognized that to expand their business and win deals, they wanted to become GDPR and CCPA compliant. What’s most unique about Winware’s approach is that they focused on compliance from the start as an early-stage company.


After looking into a few compliance solutions, Winware chose Thoropass (formerly Laika) as the most comprehensive solution at the most affordable price. Thoropass’s dashboard and roadmap view made it easy for Winware’s team to get their compliance program up and running by hooking up integrations, implementing controls, personalizing policy templates, and setting up continuous monitoring. At every step, their support team of Thoropass compliance experts helped Winware understand precisely what they needed to do.


In less than 4.5 months, after starting from zero, Winware successfully completed their SOC 2 Type 1 with Thoropass’s security audit experience. The audit was easy, with frequent check-ins from the customer experience team —the experience on the platform was straightforward and seamless.

Now, thanks to Thoropass’s comprehensive platform, Winware is already well on their way to GDPR and CCPA compliance—helping them keep up their momentum entering new markets. Additionally, Winware will continue to justify their customers’ trust by taking advantage of Thoropass’s continuous monitoring to ensure their Type 2 renewal audit is free of exceptions.




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