Streamline your ISO 27001 journey with Thoropass

ISO roadmap in Thoropass

After a deep dive into your unique business context, our experts develop a tailored roadmap for your ISO 27001 certification

Onboarding via policy template

Get up and running in minutes with ISO 27001 policy and procedure templates, native integrations, collaboration tools, and automated vendor discovery

Screenshot showing no pending tasks along with integrations and their associated monitors

Put ISO 27001 controls into operation through a guided workflow, continuous monitors, action items, project management tools, and support from our experts. Laika is uniquely positioned to support your internal ISO 27001 audit prior to the official certification audit

ISO 27001 audit

Our platform and team ensure a successful ISO 27001 audit with streamlined evidence gathering, consultative risk assessment, and expert guidance

Screenshot of estimated readiness for ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 1
And beyond

Leverage our comprehensive platform to manage recertifications, add frameworks, and maintain continuous compliance

Learn more about all the frameworks Thoropass supports

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Equip your team with the right resources for ISO 27001 certification

Whether you’re tackling ISO 27001 for the first time or pursuing recertification, explore our resources to help you streamline the process and answer any questions you may have.

Everything you need to know about ISO 27001
Everything you need to know about ISO 27001

With this guide, checklist, and webinar, get the insights and actionable assets you need to supercharge your path to certification.

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Thoropass U: ISO
Dive into ISO 27001 at Thoropass University

Tackling ISO for the first time? Thoropass University has what you need to navigate the complexity with ease.

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The ISO 27001 Guide for Tech SMBs
The Complete Guide to ISO 27001 for Tech SMBs

Get an end-to-end breakdown of ISO 27001, why you need it, and how to tackle certification

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A life preserver representing am ISO 27001 backup policy template
How to implement an ISO 27001 backup policy

Get a better understanding of what you need to implement to best prepare for the potential of withstanding a large system or operational failure event.

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