The Hot Pursuit of ISO 27001: Who Needs It, the Big Update and the Perfect Partner

Is AI Wreaking Havoc on InfoSec? (Maybe, Maybe Not)

Hear from a panel of experts, including Thoropass Director of Compliance Jay Trinckes on the growth of AI, its potential as a cybersecurity threat, as well as a resource to organizations who leverage it appropriately.

My Customer is Requesting SOC 2… Now What?

Hear from Thoropass experts on how to best prepare for taking on SOC 2 compliance at your company and how partnership can support your effort.

An Auditors View for Acing SOC 2: Maximizing Transparency and Minimizing Inefficiency

Join three experts to learn how you can avoid inefficiencies, like delay-causing assessor subjectivity, using a true SOC 2 end-to-end process and solution.

Managing a Thin Balance Sheet: 4 Lessons Learned From a $2 Billion Acquisition

At SaaStr Scale, President and COO Eva Pittas and CFO Dicken Chaplin discussed the value a well-versed CFO brings to a business as well as a few key lessons they’ve learned along the way.

The Art of the Pitch

If you’re looking to raise capital, this is the webinar for you! Listen to Co-founders, Austin Ogilvie and Sam Li, walk you through the process—from finding the right partners to pitch to post-term sheet musts.

You and SOC 2: Getting to Know Each Other

New to SOC 2 compliance? Walk you through the entire process from start to audit with Dana Mueller and Sneha Nair. Learn valuable tips, best practices and what to look for if you’re going to automate the process.

Demystifying Compliance: Establishing The Right Policies and Controls to Support Customer Growth

Take a deep dive into policies, standards, and controls and learn how to lay the groundwork for appropriate documentation, implementation and scalability. Plus, get need-to-know tips and tricks for avoiding roadblocks.

SaaStr Annual: Fail Fast to Scale Fast

Our Vice President of Marketing, Amber (Stevens) Picotte talks about how to fail fast to scale fast at SaaStr Annual 2022 including scaling a budget and revenue plan.


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