Is AI Wreaking Havoc on InfoSec? (Maybe, Maybe Not)

It’s clear that AI and ML are evolving quickly, and organizations are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they use them to generate products and increase efficiency. This may even be you! 😉 But can AI and data security coexist peacefully, or are they love/hate relationships?

Major financial losses, legal action, and mistrust may result from improperly controlling your usage of AI or from leaving gaps in your infrastructure. On the other hand, if used properly, AI can be an excellent partner in safeguarding your valuable data.

In this panel discussion, hear from industry experts, including Thoropass Head of Compliance Jay Trinckes on:

  • The state of AI and ML, including trends and some of the latest advancements
  • How startups or organization with small teams can enable AI correctly
  • How to defend your data against cybercriminals
  • Ways to leverage AI to protect your business
  • Thoughts on future cybersecurity trends, policy making and more

Access the recording: