People, Process, and Technology

The Oro Way combines people, processes, and technology to deliver an unmatched, quality experience

A revolutionary multi-framework compliance solution powered by experienced auditors, an integrated multi-framework audit process, and innovative technology.

The People
In-house auditors bring decades of Big 4 experience to the table

With the industry’s best expert-to-customer ratio, every audit is tailored to your unique needs.

The Process
Increase the predictability of your audit cycles and free up valuable resources.

With one audit serving multiple frameworks, you build predictability into your audit cycle, reducing the time your organization spends on its compliance efforts.

The Technology
Thoropass's platform helps you save time by eliminating redundancies

With up to 90% crossover between frameworks, Thoropass’s unique features ensure you never duplicate work again.

Feature highlights

A holistic approach to multi-framework compliance, with auditor-backed intelligence infused into every step.

Thoropass’s AI-infused platform, Unified Controls, and multi-framework action items help you accomplish more with less.

A centralized compliance hub that enables you to work smarter, not harder

With built-in automation tasks, a reimagined experience, and embedded expertise and guidance, the Thoropass platform is your single source of truth to manage all compliance work.

Overlapping controls mapped across all frameworks to eliminate redundancies

Thoropass Unified Controls enable you to consolidate and streamline your efforts. One centralized list maps to every relevant framework.

Organize tasks to implement and maintain compliance across all frameworks

Sifting through each framework’s requirements is a thing of the past; Thoropass does the tedious work on your behalf and lets you know the action you need to take and when.