The Art of the Pitch

Securing funding is never an easy task, especially in times of economic uncertainty.  The good news is that VCs are still sitting on dollars they are eager to deploy—for the right investments. In fact, according to Crunchbase, “early and seed stage dealmaking is actually above 2020 levels!”

Having an innovative solution all well and good, but how can you stand out from the crowd and secure this funding? It’s all about the art of the pitch.

Case in point: Thoropass (formerly Laika) recently announced a successful $50m million Series C round led by Fin Capital with participation from new investor Centana Growth Partners. Get the inside scoop on how we did it.

Tune into VP of Marketing, Amber Stevens, as she sat down with two of Thoropass’ co-founders, Sam Li and Austin Ogilvie, and discussed:

  • Their experience through each funding stage from Seed to Series C
  • How to  choose investors and, what you may want to look for in each round
  • Where do you even get started and what are the steps to take
  • Tips for founders looking for funding

Access the recording: