The Hot Pursuit of ISO 27001: Who Needs It, the Big Update and the Perfect Partner

When it comes to security and compliance frameworks, ISO 27001 stands out as a globally recognized leader. However, with its fame comes a dilemma for many organizations—selecting the right framework for their needs and determining if ISO is the right fit for their target market.

Join Thoropass expert Colin Clifford on this TechCrunch webinar and:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of ISO 27001 and its distinguishing features from other frameworks
  • Determine if your organization is the perfect candidate for ISO certification
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest release, understand the key changes, and gain insights into how other companies are smoothly transitioning
  • Discover how ISO 27001 facilitates SOC 2 attainment, giving your customers and investors the peace of mind that your data is impenetrably secure

Access the recording: