Business acceleration via SOC 2

Can compliance unlock business growth?

It may seem counterintuitive, but that’s exactly the strategy we propose in our new guide, Unlocking Growth Through Compliance: SOC 2 as a Strategic Business Generator.

In industries where data security is a significant concern, SOC 2 is seen as an essential framework that any organization must abide by. And for good reason. Achieving SOC 2 attestation is a strategic investment that offers a multitude of benefits for any organization with a clean report in hand.

And yet, SOC 2 isn’t required in any industry, making it an instant differentiator. 

Need proof? Just ask AcuityMD. AcuityMD, a HealthTech platform focused on helping medical device companies with their commercial efforts, leveraged their SOC 2 report with Thoropass to grow their customer base and expand their security posture. They unlocked business and accelerated deals in ways they could not have pre-SOC 2. Now, they have a thorough compliance program in place so they can get back to focusing on scaling their business.

Guide of a SOC 2 as a Strategic Business Generator
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Unlocking Growth Through Compliance: SOC 2 as a Strategic Business Generator

But how do you know what Type of SOC 2 report your own business needs? How do you leverage your report for all the benefits it has? And where does SOC 2 compliance automation fit in? That is where we come in and can help you figure it all out.

We wrote this guide with strategy in mind for the CISO, CTO, Compliance, Security, IT, or Procurement expert at every scaling company. Compliance can be messy, lengthy, and short-sighted. If all you focus on is maintaining security, you’re only seeing half of the picture.

This guide explains how any organization at any stage (from start-up to enterprise) can leverage SOC 2 to save money, increase sales velocity, and open new markets.

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