Thoropass Achieves AWS Healthcare Competency

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, ensuring the security of patient data is of paramount importance. Recognizing this need, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has established the AWS Competency Program, offering a platform for partners to showcase their expertise and specialization. 

Thoropass, a revolutionary compliance solution changing the game for the HealthTech industry, has proudly achieved the AWS Healthcare Competency in the Compliance Services category. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of this accomplishment and how it positions Thoropass as a leader in the healthcare compliance landscape.

What is the AWS Competency Program?

The AWS Competency program serves as a badge of honor for AWS partners, allowing them to highlight their proficiency and stand out in a competitive market. 

This program emphasizes two key pillars: 

  1. Technical expertise in the AWS stack
  2. Measurable customer outcomes. 

The AWS Healthcare Competency aims to guide customers toward trusted solutions that enhance operational and clinical effectiveness while improving patient outcomes. 

This competency covers five crucial categories: 

  • Clinical Information Systems
  • Population Health and Analytics
  • Health Administration
  • Consulting Services
  • Compliance Services.

Thoropass & AWS: Revolutionizing compliance in the HealthTech space

Out of the myriad AWS partners, Thoropass has emerged as a standout achiever in the Compliance Services category of the AWS Healthcare Competency. 

As the leading provider of compliance services for the healthcare industry, Thoropass offers a unique, frictionless experience that integrates readiness software and audits under the same roof. We also recently announced the launch of a Healthcare Advisory Board to deepen further our dedication to HealthTech companies pursuing compliance.

How Thoropass is committed to elevating compliance services for HealthTech companies

What sets Thoropass apart is its commitment to providing an end-to-end compliance and audit solution. The company is not only a provider but also a fully approved HITRUST External Assessor, integrating HITRUST compliance seamlessly into an organization’s over-arching compliance program. 

Thoropass’s solution extends its reach to assist SaaS companies in achieving compliance with HIPAA laws, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 standards, showcasing a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to healthcare compliance.

Thoropass’s commitment to excellence is further underscored by its participation in the AWS Global Security and Compliance Accelerator program. Additionally, Thoropass is available on the AWS Marketplace, making its services easily accessible to a wide range of customers. 

The company’s acceptance into the Compliance Services category of the AWS Healthcare Competency solidifies its position as a true industry leader.

Reaffirming our commitment to HealthTech companies

The company aims to empower healthcare customers in strengthening their information security and privacy posture to meet the highest industry standards. Thoropass’ goal is to safeguard vital PHI, thereby contributing to the overall trust and integrity of the healthcare ecosystem.

In conclusion, Thoropass’s new milestone with AWS is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. As the only true end-to-end compliance platform in the program, Thoropass stands at the forefront of healthcare compliance solutions. By leveraging AWS’s rigorous standards and customer-centric approach, Thoropass continues to empower healthcare organizations in scaling their business, building trust with stakeholders, and ensuring the utmost security and compliance of sensitive healthcare data.

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