Thoropass welcomes industry expert Katherine Kelton to inform its Health Advisory Board

Thoropass is pleased to announce the launch of its Health Advisory Board by welcoming a HealthTech industry veteran to inaugurate the panel. By adding expert voices that expand its reach, knowledge, and innovation for current and future customers, the Health Advisory Board will continue our focus on being healthcare companies’ source of truth for information security compliance.

The Health Advisory Board’s inaugural member–Katherine Kelton of Vault Health–will provide a wide-reaching perspective on Thoropass’ HealthTech strategy as it advances its platform’s capabilities and advises its customers and product development teams. The decades of experience represented on the Board, combined with Thoropass’ advances in AI-infused technology, offer an unparalleled opportunity for HealthTech companies seeking to use compliance as a business differentiator.

“Establishing the Health Advisory Board represents an exciting moment for  the company as we commit ourselves to being the undisputed leaders in HealthTech compliance,” says Thoropass Chief Revenue Officer Bryan Caplin. “This is really just one step in guiding the industry with insights and innovations that will revolutionize how healthcare companies address cybersecurity and leverage advanced technologies like AI.”

Thoropass CEO and co-founder Sam Li adds, “Our customers are the biggest winners in the creation of this Board. They will immediately benefit from product advancements, increased service capabilities, and future insights that will help us make them the clear leaders in their fields.”

Katherine Kelton, who serves as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Vault Health, joins Thoropass as a longtime expert and user in the infosec compliance space. “As a frustrated consumer, I see Thoropass as filling a gap in the market that will make the lives of risk professionals like me easier by increasing visibility into risk holistically and in a manner that allows for ease of communication from the board to the front line,” she says.

Kelton represents Thoropass’ next step toward strengthening the bonds between product and industry in HealthTech infosec compliance. The Health Advisory Board extends Thoropass’ recent success partnering with HITRUST as part of its unique joint-offering of SOC 2 and HITRUST e1 frameworks.

Thoropass will use the insights generated from these new relationships to further its customer-first approach to compliance and audits exemplified in our OrOTM Way, which pairs industry-leading AI-infused automation with in-house expertise and auditing capabilities. Kelton and Sinclair join the dozens of industry experts already working with Thoropass customers at every stage of their compliance journeys.

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