Product Spotlight: Introducing Thoropass’s in-app Launchpad

While we like to work on in-app features that will improve our customers’ experience getting compliant, we also want them to enjoy using Thoropass (formerly Laika). How our customers navigate our platform is studied, reviewed, and observed so our product team can identify any sticking points. And once in a while, we like to release something fun.

Drum roll please…

Meet Launchpad, your in-app on-demand command bar, that can be accessed by pressing CMD K. Once the bar is launched, you can search and view the numerous shortcuts around the app, and how to access them with the press of a key.   

Thoropass launchpad in the application

Why Launchpad?

Our team has been steadily making improvements to the overall user experience of our app. The goal is to let our users own their compliance program, and do whatever we can to help take the stress out of compliance! This feature aligns perfectly with those goals, not to mention, it’s pretty dang cool. 

Our product and design team put their heads together to introduce Launchpad to the Thoropass application. This feature helps every type of user become a superuser of Thoropass. We’ve empowered them with a super-fast way to navigate the app and find answers to the questions they have, right when they need them.

Launchpad was designed to fit seamlessly with our visual design in the app. There is always a smooth transition from Launchpad to your task at hand, back to Launchpad, and so on. Over a quarter of our customers have already tried it out and love it! 

Launchpad tips and tricks

When launching the feature, you’ll find a directory of shortcuts, commands, and helpful articles. Our team has built-in recommendations and quick ways to access what you need, all without lifting your hands from your keyboard.

By pressing CMD K, you launch the directory and can easily search through your policies and documents

  • To connect integrations, press G then I
  • To navigate back to your dashboard, press G then D
  • Type in the search bar to find help center documentation

What’s next?

The team will be continually adding shortcuts for commonly used features. We added a search capability so users can search documents, policies, controls, text within documents, and more. As Thoropass adds to our content library, all the content will be accessible from Launchpad as well. 

Shoutouts and Kudos

To introduce Launchpad, we collaborated with CommandBar to ensure our implementation would work well and be as flexible as needed. Thank you to the CommandBar team for their help!

Our lead engineers, Laurens and Federico, worked in collaboration with Taj, Pablo, and Jhonnattan to make this happen. Many kudos to the team who launched Launchpad. 

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