Thoropass announces revolutionary new multi-framework support

You got your SOC 2 report. Now what?

You have to take care of your data. And you have to convince others that you are doing it correctly.

If you don’t, you’re going to have trouble making money. It’s that simple.

Demonstrating your commitment to data integrity with a SOC 2 report is a great start. But for most organizations, SOC 2 is just the beginning. It’s a solid framework that carries a lot of weight. Still, increasingly more organizations are demanding more in the form of ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HITRUST, or privacy frameworks such as HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR.

But how do you go about implementing and maintaining multiple compliance frameworks? Here are three guiding principles for multi-framework compliance.

  1. Eliminate duplicate work, also known as framework crosswalks
  2. Build predictability into your audit cycles
  3. Manage ongoing maintenance holistically

Eliminate duplicate work with two new features from Thoropass

At Thoropass, we continually look for new ways to help you on your compliance journey. And what better way to help you than to eliminate duplicate work? 

That’s exactly what you get with two brand-new features from Thoropass: Unified Controls and multi-framework action items. And because we do things differently than our leading competitors, we added some special capabilities to these features.

How did we do it?

The overlap between popular infosec compliance frameworks (like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HITRUST, and PCI DSS) includes common requirements designed to secure data. These shared requirements between frameworks are commonly known as crosswalks.

Introducing Thoropass Unified Controls

Thoropass Unified Controls enable you to consolidate these crosswalks into a singular control you manage across all your compliance frameworks. Yes, that’s pretty cool. But what’s even more cool is how we implemented it.

We baked auditor expertise into the controls by mapping and optimizing the frameworks to a list of core controls. This centralized list maps to every relevant framework (including the always accessible framework-specific control language). Baking in auditor expertise is a game-changer for managing controls across all supported frameworks. And it’s unique to Thoropass, delivering unmatched intelligence to your multi-framework compliance.

But we didn’t stop there because crosswalks also exist in the tasks or action items required to implement and maintain multi-framework compliance. 

Introducing Thoropass multi-framework action items

Thoropass multi-framework action items, a new and unique feature coming soon to the Thoropass platform, organize your tasks to implement and maintain compliance across all your frameworks. 

As with Unified Controls, Thoropass experts designed and embedded multi-framework intelligence into the action items to provide the industry’s first and only true multi-framework list of guided action. That means you get an optimized process for implementation and ongoing maintenance. 

Let me give you an example of how this works. 

With multi-framework action items, you don’t have to read through each framework’s requirements to determine the frequency of doing Access Reviews. We do it for you. Thoropass calculates on your behalf and delivers an action item based on each framework’s requirements.

Now, let’s talk about maintenance. What if, at a later date, you decide to add a new framework to the mix? Not a problem. Because we built in the intelligence to adapt to your needs, multi-framework action items will alert you to the new work required to satisfy the new framework, building on the work you’ve already done. 

These two new features from Thoropass give you the most advanced multi-framework technology available and streamline implementation and ongoing compliance maintenance, eliminating duplicate work.  

Build predictability into your audit cycles

We know the drill. In Q1, you have your SOC 2 audit. In Q2 and Q3, you are working on PCI, HIPAA, or another infosec compliance initiative. The compliance work is never-ending. And every time you have an audit, you have to ask others in your organization to help you. It’s a continuing challenge that never seems to go away.

Until now.

Thoropass auditors are cross-trained in multiple compliance frameworks. They guide you through your audit cycle at your own pace. So, if you want to pursue each framework one at a time, that’s your choice. But, if you’d like to boost productivity by pursuing multiple certifications or attestations during a single audit, we have you covered there, too.

We built this “one audit, multiple frameworks” process to deliver the compliance automation industry’s most efficient audit experience. That means you can maximize the efficiency of your compliance work with a predictable audit cycle. 

Imagine telling others in your organization that you no longer have to be in a never-ending audit cycle—I think that would be well received. With one audit serving multiple frameworks, you reduce the time your organization has to commit to supporting your compliance efforts. That’s predictability that leads to a much better conversation with your peers. 

Manage ongoing maintenance holistically

Maintaining continuous compliance requires constant diligence and resources. This is especially true when you manage multiple compliance frameworks where a change to one framework can impact work on another.

It’s time to think about holistic maintenance for all of your frameworks instead of maintaining each one at a time. 

With Unified Controls and multi-framework action items, the Thoropass platform becomes your compliance maintenance hub. It’s a centralized location where you access the results of your pentests, maintain controls for continuous compliance using our auditor-approved monitors, and get built-in communication or alerts if and when a gap is identified for remediation. The Thoropass platform is your single source of truth for all your compliance needs. It’s holistic maintenance for a multi-framework world.

The OrOTM way for multi-framework compliance

Pursuing multiple frameworks is a lot of work. And that work puts stress on you and your entire organization. But when you partner with Thoropass, you get the OrO way, a combination of people, processes, and technology focused on delivering the best multi-framework experience possible. Eliminate duplicate work with Unified Controls and multi-framework action items. Build predictability into your audit cycles with one audit, multiple frameworks. And maintain your frameworks holistically with a centralized maintenance hub. 

It’s a new paradigm for multi-framework efficiency.

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