Product Spotlight: Integrations, Playbooks, and Reports

We’re constantly making updates to the Laika app and we’re happy to announce some big changes that are beginning to roll out this month!

Our product team has worked tirelessly to provide our customers with an even better compliance experience. This round of updates includes a new-and-improved implementation process, automation, and evidence documentation and storage.

Say Goodbye to Programs! Introducing Playbooks

Don’t fret; our TurboTax-like implementation process isn’t going away. The team improved this part of the platform by making it smarter. We’ve customized Playbooks even more than Programs to jumpstart your compliance process.

In practice, our users will move through the Information Security Playbook instead of a SOC 2 Program. The product guides you through steps to implement Information Security best practices, progressing toward SOC 2 and other relevant compliance programs, like ISO 27001. You can easily view each completed task and subtask, and tasks in-progress and to-do. 

If you’re planning to grow your business, you’ll probably need more compliance certifications. We built Playbooks with growth in mind. The generalized security or privacy Playbooks automatically apply your practices and policies to overlapping certifications. 

This will reduce any manual labor in the documentation and kick-start your compliance future.  

We’re working diligently to migrate all our current clients over to Playbooks. If you’re interested in this new feature, please reach out to your CSM for details.

Meet Laika Objects and Integrations

We are particularly excited to introduce Laika Objects and Integrations in BETA. To jog your memory, Laika Objects are all the relevant compliance and audit “artifacts.” Basically, all pieces of compliance-related evidence need to be organized and tracked in an orderly way for auditors to view. 

Think of all the devices at your company. All users and their MFA access. Et cetera.    

Objects can be maintained manually in the app, by bulk importing from an Excel file, or you can now automatically populate your Laika Object tables.

Yes, this is big news! We have new integrations that will allow you to automatically pull in evidence through other products and platform suites like G Suite and JIRA. Connecting tools to Laika will lessen the labor of manually tracking code changes, managing HR tasks, and much more. 

Our team is laying the groundwork for Laika to monitor your organization and ensure audit-readiness on an ongoing basis. We are actively adding more integrations to our platform; if you have any questions or requests for specific automation, please contact our team.

Last but not least: Reports

Our team knows that it feels like manual labor pulling all your evidence into one package for auditors, partners, and sales to perform due diligence. This is why we’ve upgraded our “Demonstrate” section of the Laika platform to include shareable Reports.

Now, our clients have the ability to automatically compile all their evidence, from data classification and policies to members of their risk management committee all in one succinct document. This document can be shared through a public link (with an expiration date). 

Like Playbooks, our team is working on rolling this out to current Laika subscribers. Please reach out to your support team if you have any questions. 

We’re continuing to work on new and improved features. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’re always open! Reach out to your customer service team and they’ll make sure your voice is heard.

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