Compliance automation done the OrO Way

Two-way Jira sync and auditor-approved integrations—it’s game-changing compliance

Compliance automation software like Thoropass considerably reduces the time and effort required for certification or attestation. But as important as Thoropass software is to your compliance journey, we know it’s not the only system you rely upon to run your business. That’s why we built Thoropass to be, among other things, an aggregator of information that you need to demonstrate compliance. 

Announcing two-way Jira sync

You asked, and we delivered. By utilizing bi-directional sync with Jira, your entire compliance team can work in their system of choice. Thoropass will sync compliance to-do’s, status updates, and attachments between Thoropass and Jira, creating a seamless workflow environment. 

When asked about the new two-way Jira sync, Thoropass’s Senior Product Manager Rebecca Houser said, “Many compliance activities are technical in nature, and technical resources are valuable to the company. With this feature, our users can now minimize disruption to their development and infrastructure teams but still keep track of outstanding technical tasks by pushing those tasks straight to the tool those teams work in day-to-day. It’s a win for efficiency and for the important relationship between compliance and technical teams.”

Coming soon—The ability to tag Jira tickets for specific auditor requests is particularly exciting, as it will further streamline the audit process.

Jira two-way sync is just one of many types of integrations that you can plug into your systems to pull in relevant data for your compliance efforts. 

Other types include:

HR/payroll integrations

HR and payroll integrations from Thoropass pull the entire employee population and connect it to various compliance activities. This integration is crucial in fulfilling auditor requests. Thoropass provides a holistic view of compliance activities by seamlessly tying the HR/payroll employee data to training records, background checks, and policy acknowledgments. Thoropass integrations with HR/payroll systems include ADP Workforce Now, Bamboo HR, Deel, Paychex, Paycom, Rippling, Workday, and others.

Cloud service providers

Thoropass integrations collect evidence of your cloud service provider’s (CSP) security settings. Auditors use this evidence to confirm compliance with many different controls. Thoropass integrations with cloud service providers include AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Change management 

Thoropass integrations can easily show production changes and the tickets tied to these changes. This transparency is vital for audits and, without integrations, can be a cumbersome process to manage manually. Thoropass integrations with change management systems include Github, Atlassian Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps among others.

Project management 

In addition to the recently released Jira two-way sync, Thoropass users can leverage different project management tools for compliance automation. Thoropass integrations with project management software include Asana, Clickup, Linear, and more.

Business suites

Thoropass’s integrations with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 business suites enable organizations to track account access efficiently. This feature shows who logs into different platforms using their business suite credentials, providing a clear view of access levels across the organization. In addition, these business suite integrations provide important compliance information for compliance automation.

Are your integrations auditor-approved?

While Thoropass is actively working on adding more categories and integrations to our growing list, our true differentiator lies in our approach to each integration and monitor. We call it the OrO Way, and it’s not just about the sheer quantity of integrations.

In the intricate world of infosec compliance, organizations need to prove the effectiveness of their controls. And when we use an integration to pull data into an audit as evidence of your compliance, auditors must verify that the data coming in is true to its source. That’s why our auditors fully vet the integrations pulling data in before your audit, ensuring acceptance during the audit.

Verifiable compliance

That’s where tangible evidence comes into play. It’s not just about compliance; It’s about verifiable compliance so that you can prove that the policies, procedures, and controls you implemented are functioning as intended. That’s what your auditor needs to confirm. And they won’t sign off on your compliance if your evidence doesn’t show that you’ve implemented things correctly.

We built the integrations mentioned above to accelerate the evidence collection and produce what auditors require for compliance. These integrations significantly streamline the evidence-collection process, reducing the need for manual effort and allowing our auditors to evaluate compliance efficiently. Because our auditors vet our integrations, you can expect a consistent level of scrutiny and accuracy both during and after the audit, ensuring year-round continuous compliance.

We’re different. And our results show it.

There’s a big difference in how we build integrations compared to others in our space. The OrO Way gives us an advantage—our in-house auditors sit with our developers to approve the integration and confirm that the evidence collected is acceptable for compliance. This is why we use the term “auditor-approved integrations.” 

They are also auditor-designed. Our auditors, compliance industry veterans with years of Big 4 experience across multiple infosec compliance frameworks, work with our software engineers on these critical integrations. They are involved throughout the process—starting with the design and working to test, validate, and ensure the collected evidence is both useful for maintaining a strong compliance posture and acceptable for audit.

This system ensures that the evidence collected is up to the standards expected by an auditor. It eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty during the audit—no extra questions from auditors about where you got your data or what query you used. That means less effort, more confidence, and improved peace of mind for you and your compliance team.

Charting the future of compliance automation

The future of compliance auditing lies in creating a more efficient, reliable system where evidence collection is streamlined and validation is a given, not a gamble. As the landscape of digital tools and compliance demands evolves, Thoropass is not just keeping pace but also pioneering new paths. We continue to expand our horizons by adding a diverse array of new integrations to our extensive list. 

These additions are more than incremental improvements; they represent a commitment to embracing verifiable compliance, ensuring Thoropass remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in compliance automation. 

With the OrO Way, you can be confident in your compliance journey and build trust in the digital economy as you demonstrate your information systems’ overall security and integrity, a critical aspect in our increasingly digital world.


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