This Juneteenth, Thoropass is celebrating black leaders in compliance

Juneteenth: Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses in the Partner Ecosystem

Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States and Thoropass is excited to celebrate the historic holiday. But did you know the history behind it? Let’s start in 1863… on January 1, 1863, The Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Lincoln established that all enslaved people were to be freed but in reality, it didn’t instantly free all enslaved people. It took until two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, on June 19th, 1865, for Union soldiers to arrive in Texas to ensure that the last of all enslaved people were informed of their freedom. This is where Juneteenth comes from, as Juneteenth is short for “June Nineteenth” and honors the end of slavery in the United States and is considered the longest-running African American holiday. Juneteenth was finally established as a federal holiday on June 17th, 2021.

In honor of the holiday, Thoropass is highlighting some of our partners who are Black-owned business owners and leaders in the compliance industry. Check them out below. 


Nymbly is currently a reseller partner of Thoropass, and Jermain ‘JD’ Jones is Nymbly’s Compliance & Cybersecurity Lead. He has been in the technology field for 25 years now, first specializing in on-prem, then cloud architecture, and now primarily helps clients build strong security programs and meet regulatory compliance. He and the rest of the Nymbly team provide managed compliance, cybersecurity, privacy, and quality services.

Nymbly seeks out impact-driven, people of color and women-led businesses that want to change the world and demonstrate representation and equity in their solutions. They ensure they are developing strong security practices so that their efforts are not derailed by internal and external threats. Entrepreneurialism isn’t without its setbacks and blockers for women and persons of color, but it has been worth the risk for Nymbly.

The Nymbly team is always working towards the right solutions for their clients while remaining unbiased in their approach to tool selection. They decided to partner with Thoropass because, like Nymbly, Thoropass believes in doing it the right way with no shortcuts to strong security by offering a balanced blend of automation and human oversight with the application at a price that does not dissuade startups from practicing good security. They were delightfully surprised by the level of effort Thoropass put into educating partners, the ease of onboarding clients, and the support in growing Nymbly’s business as much as their own and are excited by what’s to come. 


NoNameIT is a veteran-owned and founded cybersecurity company that assists SMBs and a Thoropass reseller partner focusing on HIPAA. Gordon started his IT security journey while serving his country in the United States Navy. After six years, Gordon continued public service by securing the nation’s most guarded secrets for the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. Translating what he had learned in the public sector to the private sector has been one of Gordon’s greatest joys. Gordon shares in and owes his success to his support system. His wife, Samantha, and daughter, Ellie.

Gordon partnered with Thoropass because he felt he’d finally found a compliance partner purpose-built for streamlining convoluted processes. Thoropass has shown commitment to growing with our partners, offering long-lasting partnerships that ultimately benefit the clients.

The Thoropass Partner Ecosystem
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CyberElite is a renowned security and compliance software ISV company with the tools to accelerate assessment, improve compliance, and offer further protective assurance through automation and managed services. Tony Dumas, a partner at CyberElite, is the Global Cyber Security leader for the Cyber Risk Services practice. He delivers solutions to help organizations address their most pressing and pervasive cyber security challenges for Enterprise, Cloud, and IoT environments, including Cyber Risk, Cyber threat intelligence, IoT and operational technology security, identity management, privacy and data protection, and business resilience-focused. Tony also has over 22 years of consulting experience for companies like AT&T, Aetna, PWC, Equifax, Ernest & Young. 

Tony is a proven leader with diversified, in-depth experience in consulting and has demonstrated an ability to consistently achieve desired results and provide exceptional value to clients across various business problems, technologies, and industries. He specializes in application security; secure systems development; Information technology risk management; governance, risk and compliance; and resiliency. His industry experience spans automotive, financial services, healthcare, government, manufacturing, energy & resources. His passion for diversity in cybersecurity and mentoring young professionals is exemplified in all his work. Additionally, Tony has served on multiple curriculum advisory boards for Western Governors University, Gwinnett College, and Athens Community College.

If you couldn’t tell, we are pretty big advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion at Thoropass. Although Juneteenth may be celebrated once a year, it is important to celebrate, honor and respect Black-owned businesses and leaders every day of the year.

Interested in becoming a Thoropass partner? Check it out. Or, if you are interested in speaking with an expert about your compliance journey, reach out to our team. We would love to help you meet your compliance goals. 

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