Announcing The New Thoropass Partner Ecosystem

Thoropass has some exciting news to share! We just launched our new Partner Ecosystem to help customers extend the value out of our solution by bridging in-house gaps with resources and technology that help get compliance work done faster. By leveraging our technology and along with our partners’ services and integrations, resource-stretched organizations have the helping hand they need to get—and stay—compliant in the long run.

Compliance can be intimidating. Thoropass simplifies the process by combining smart software, expert guidance, and a seamless audit experience—all in one platform. However, even with the most streamlined process, it can still be a lot for non-experts to digest and implement. That’s where the new Partner Ecosystem comes in.

Thoropass’s Partner Ecosystem has two primary branches

Thoropass Partners are vetted, hand-picked, and considered an extension of the Thoropass family. There are two main branches of the Partner Ecosystem: Technology Partners and Service Partners.

Technology Partners / Integrations

Technology Partners, like AWS, are vetted by auditors. They ensure that integrations will truly help customers gather evidence, and keep track of their work and collaboration, all within the Thoropass platform. 

Browse technology partners by category.

Check out all of Thoropass’s integrations here.

Service Providers

Service Partners, like Virtual CISOs (vCISO) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), offer deep knowledge and expertise to help customers fine-tune their infosec strategy and implement critical elements of their compliance program. That means more hands on keyboards when it’s crunch time. 

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You can explore Thoropass’s directory of Service Partners here.

By leveraging the right partners to fill in strategic gaps, customers can effectively turbocharge their compliance journey and get to audit faster.

The Thoropass Partner Ecosystem in action: The Storeroom Logix story

Storeroom Logix is a prime example of the power of using Thoropass along with one of its Service Partners. Storeroom Logix is a rapidly growing tech startup that needed to achieve SOC 2 compliance quickly to unlock key growth opportunities. With Thoropass partner, BrightScale, they were able to accelerate their compliance journey, allowing them to focus on their core business and unlock enterprise deals that will bring in millions in ARR.

Interested in joining Thoropass’s Partner Ecosystem?

Thoropass is dedicated to building a mutually beneficial Partner Ecosystem that empowers MSPs and fractional CISOs with a state-of-the-art platform, audit and expert services, and access to dedicated resources to support customers throughout their compliance journey.

For more information about Thoropass’s new Partner Ecosystem, head over here. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to ensure compliance is never a blocker to innovation and make it as easy for technology companies to do the right thing as it is to check a box!

You can read the official press release here.

If you’d like to connect with François and learn more about how joining the Ecosystem can help turbocharger your customers’ compliance programs, email [email protected].

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