Jay Trinckes Featured on The CISO Series Podcast

ciso series podcast

Thoropass’s CISO extraordinaire, Jay Trinckes, was recently featured on the CISO podcast with Andy Ellis. On the podcast, they discuss various cybersecurity challenges and regulatory considerations faced by organizations today. Some takeaways include:

  • Credential stuffing attacks pose a significant threat, often resulting from user behaviors beyond an organization’s control.
  • Blaming users for such breaches fails to address underlying security vulnerabilities, particularly the absence of multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Supply chain attacks are another concern, highlighting the importance of Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) in defending against them.

The discussion also extends to regulatory frameworks, with frustrations arising from industry failures leading to excessive regulations. The European Union’s proposed AI Act aims to address concerns surrounding privacy, security, ethics, and trust in rapidly evolving AI technologies, emphasizing a risk-based approach familiar to the cybersecurity industry.

Listen to the full episode here!

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