Black History Month Spotlight: Meet Corey White of Cyvatar

As we wrap up Black History Month, Thoropass wanted to shine a spotlight on one of the rising stars and black-owned businesses in our Partnership Ecosystem. Meet Corey White and Cyvatar

As a cybersecurity veteran with 29 years of experience, Corey White has played a pivotal role in the industry, contributing significantly to the success of his ventures, including his most recent one, Cyvatar. Cyvatar is the leader in outsourced cybersecurity solutions, with a primary focus on securing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) against cyberattacks.

Journey as a Black entrepreneur:

Corey’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by resilience and determination. With a background as a founding executive at Cylance, a company that achieved unicorn status and was acquired in 2019, Corey embarked on a new venture in 2019 with Cyvatar.

As COVID drastically changed the VC landscape, Corey faced the surmounting challenges of fundraising, so he brought in a co-founder. Together, they secured seed funding in September 2020 and Series A in May 2021. 

Corey’s journey reflects the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship, the importance of adaptability, and the resilience required to navigate the ever-changing landscape of business. Not to mention achieving everything he has amid the market volatility caused by a global pandemic.

Despite experiencing some setbacks while pursuing a Series B, Corey’s commitment remained unshaken. Opting to go solo, he invested more into Cyvatar, focusing on profitability, which he is on track to achieve in 2024.

Corey acknowledges the opportunities he has aren’t necessarily the same as entrepreneurs before him.

Inspiration from BIPOC Entrepreneurs

Corey’s inspiration? Prince.

He emphasizes the significance of winning at one’s own game, linking to Prince’s philosophy. The spirit of individuality and success on one’s own terms resonates deeply with his entrepreneurial mindset and has been a driving force behind his journey with Cyvatar.

Personal and professional significance of Black History Month

As a Black founder, Corey White sees Black History Month as a time to reflect on the unprecedented opportunities he has in 2024. He acknowledges the honor of being an entrepreneur in a time when doors are opening for Black individuals in ways they haven’t before. This perspective underlines the historical significance of Black entrepreneurs contributing to various industries, including the groundbreaking field of cybersecurity.

Corey’s story serves as an inspiration not only for Black entrepreneurs but for anyone facing challenges in the business world. His resilience, adaptability, and commitment to success on his terms make him a true trailblazer in the cybersecurity sector and a standout figure during Black History Month.

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