Laika is recognized for Best ROI, Easiest Setup, and Highest User Adoption (+ 14 more!) 

On Tuesday, G2 Crowd released their Spring 2022 grids. I’m proud and happy to announce that Laika achieved 17 new G2 badges! This is a direct reflection of each team’s hard work and dedication to solving difficult challenges for our customers.

Laika is happy to be recognized for our team’s success in audit management, cloud compliance, cloud security, vendor security, and privacy assessment. The business experienced exponential growth in the last quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, which is reflected in our customers’ reviews on G2 Crowd.

Named the Market Leader in Audit Management

With the addition of an integrated audit feature with Laika Compliance, LLC., our team worked hard to provide customers with the smoothest infosec audit experience possible. As a result, our customers rated us #1 in audit management!

We continue to look for ways to improve our customers’ experience. Keep an eye out for our product updates and additions to our offerings. If you know a growing business that could benefit from expert services and automation software, please reach out to me or the team.

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