My Customer is Requesting SOC 2… Now What?

In your business, if you’re a (or the big) decision maker, your job is all about making choices—and the right ones. No pressure though. 😉 Often, you probably stare at data perplexed on whether it’s better to save on time and other resources by foregoing Option A and maybe develop your next big feature instead. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, many companies forgo or delay SOC 2 compliance until it’s imperative to have in-hand. Here’s some bad news… increasingly, more and more customers are demanding proof of good data hygiene before doing business. So what do you do when that next big deal you HAVE TO HAVE (!) is requesting your report? How do you get started?

Access the recording to learn:

  • Considerations when deciding between doing it in-house or using a partner
  • If you’re choosing a partner, what criteria you should look for
  • What other things should you look at when getting started
  • How you can best take advantage of your report when you get it
  • How Thoropass’s end-to-end solution handles compliance

Access the recording: