Getting Started

What is HITRUST?

The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) was originally developed to manage and secure healthcare information, but has since grown to include many other types of sensitive data. In this section, learn more about HITRUST and its assessment categories.

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Compliance competency: What is HITRUST?
Being compliant is a major priority across any organization that makes heavy use of private data in order to optimize business function. Regulatory compliance is one of…
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HIPAA vs HITRUST_ Navigating the World of Healthcare Information Security
HIPAA vs HITRUST: Navigating the World of Healthcare Information Security
If you work in the healthcare industry, you know protecting sensitive health information is crucial. There are several frameworks and standards in place to help organizations ensure…
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Preparing for Certification

Tackle HITRUST compliance with confidence

Achieving HITRUST certification can be an investment of time and resources, but it presents an equally significant trustmark to organizations that your business is committed to data and information security. In this section, comb through the controls and process of a HITRUST attestation.

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HITRUST CSF validation requirements: Here’s what you need to know 
Looking to obtain HITRUST CSF Validation with Certification? While there are many moving parts to achieving this goal, it is a worthwhile endeavor…
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CSF Expertise: How to get HITRUST CSF certified
No organization should underestimate the weight of regulatory compliance. Having a business that operates without a compliant framework could become troublesome on many…
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Your HITRUST assessment: A complete guide
HITRUST is a widely recognized security framework and certification program originally designed for the healthcare industry. It provides a comprehensive set of controls…
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