Product Spotlight: Project Management Bundle

There is no doubt that achieving security compliance is a collaborative effort. Stakeholders, contributors, and other roles have to understand what’s being asked of them, the deliverables, the timelines, and more. That’s a lot to worry about on top of implementing a compliance program! With so many moving parts, the entire process can feel out of control, leaving due dates to feel intimidating and unobtainable. And, dare we say it, it might even push back your target audit date.

With Laika’s Project Management Bundle, we’ve combined compliance and project management in one to help you reach our target audit date with ease. Providing you with one workflow in a centralized location, Laika enables you to hold you and your colleagues accountable and track your team’s progress. We’ve alleviated the pain that accompanies simultaneously implementing a compliance program, tracking and managing the work of your team, while still helping you manage your day to day tasks. Laika’s Project Management bundle allows you to manage your team’s progress through customizable views for your individual and team’s work, have visibility into what each team member is working on, and track progress according to milestones and implementing controls all in one place through the Laika app for a truly integrated experience. 

As a part of Laika’s offering, our customer success team provides their project management expertise to coincide with our project management bundle. They will create a customized roadmap that caters to your timeline and business needs, setting celebratory milestones along the way. With our customer success managers on your side, this bundle provides clear action items for team members that might have not been in the initial implementation conversation along with empowering team leads to feel in control at all times. Our platform clearly identifies tangible steps to accomplishing what’s needed for every role in order to contribute to your organization’s overall compliance success. 

What’s included in the Project Management Bundle? 

Our Project Management Bundle, included in your Laika subscription, comes with a set of features, including a Project Management View, a User Task View, and Due Date Assignments. 

With Project Management View, Laika’s compliance dashboard provides the project lead with a single place to see your team’s progress towards audit readiness, as well as your overall compliance posture. This includes any work that might need to be taken care of to from action items to flagged monitors and controls that need attention. 

Project Management View enables you to assign out controls and action items to see what team members are working on, review compliance milestone status, and nudge individuals if they’re falling behind on their tasks. 

As part of the bundle, we also provide an enhanced User Task List. The new user task list in Laika helps individual contributors quickly see and prioritize their assigned tasks, so they can quickly complete their portion of their organization’s compliance program.  Post Onboarding, action items will be automatically assigned out to contributors. The contributors will use the User Task Last to see what they need to accomplish to contribute to the organization’s compliance goals, while the Admin leverages their view to see how those contributors are progressing on their tasks. 

The benefit to User Task List, users have a focused view on what they need to work on and by when.. Laika’d platform ensures that all contributors understand what to do and how to do it the second they log in to the Laika platform. 

The last part of the Project Management Bundle, includes bulk updating Due Dates and re-assigning Owners. This saves you an incredible amount of time by having the ability to assign out tasks and due dates to individual contributors at once, instead of having to go task-by-task. Admins can quickly and easily assign necessary tasks all at once and re-assign action items quickly. 

With ease of managing team work with customized views, bulk assign owners and due dates, Laika’s Project Management Bundle enables you with one flow and one centralized location to launch into where you need you to go and set you up for compliance success.  

Request a demo today to easily reach your compliance goals! Already a customer? Log in today to see your Project Management View! 

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