Product Spotlight: Security Questionnaire Tools

Enterprises use security questionnaires to assess data safety when it’s in the vendors’ hands. They want to see honest, direct, complete responses––but most questionnaires range from 80-500 or more questions and take tens of hours to fill out.

Should you take time to craft detailed answers? This will slow your deal, increasing the risk of losing them to inertia or a competitor. 

Respond as quickly as possible? Generic, low-effort answers look bad and can add delays as you deal with follow-ups–or you’ll just lose the deal without ever learning why.

But what if you could do both: respond quickly with high-quality, differentiating answers? That’s why we built security questionnaire response tools in Thoropass (formerly Laika), now released as a beta to all customers.

Our new security questionnaire tools help you respond quickly and efficiently to vendor security assessments with answers that are detailed, accurate, and up-to-date.

It’s as simple as: 

  1. Sync your spreadsheet to Thoropass
  2. Auto-fill answers from your Thoropass library
  3. Search your policies and documents for info and language
  4. Collaborate with your team by assigning them to questions
  5. Export your final questionnaire to return to your customer

Let’s dive in.

First, sync your questionnaire to Thoropass’s web app using our handy Excel plugin. You can find the Thoropass plug-In in the app store, click on ‘Get it now’ and allow plug-in permissions. Create a new questionnaire in Thoropass web, then sync the two with a simple formula––now your answers will automatically sync back to the spreadsheet as you work on them in Thoropass.

Once your questionnaire is prepped and synced, click Fetch Answers: Thoropass Fetch then automatically populates accurate, detailed answers from your Thoropass library of previous questionnaires and seed questions.

Answers for DDQ are fetched using Thoropass's proprietary application

Screenshot of a supplier DDQ tool in Thoropass
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For questions that aren’t matched by Thoropass fetch, you can quickly search and find relevant info and language from your library and policies. Then write your answer or just copy the text directly, along with a direct reference to that supporting evidence.

Collaborate by assigning teammates to questions–they’ll receive a notification in Thoropass so they can go directly to the questionnaire, and then filter the questions by assignee or status to get straight to work.

Users are assigned to answer questions in Thoropass DDQ tools

Once you’ve reviewed and confirmed that all your answers are correct and accounted for, simply go back to Excel (where all the answers have been automatically syncing, remember) and click the Clean Spreadsheet to create a clean final copy to return to your customer.  

Security questionnaires 101 

A security questionnaire is a type of vendor security assessment that comes annually, quarterly, or even with every single deal that has to go through an enterprise’s procurement processes. It functions as a tool that helps enterprises evaluate and validate a company’s security practices before choosing to do business with them. 

Typically, one person is responsible for filling out a questionnaire. But do you know all the answers and have all the supporting documentation you’ll need? Probably not. Instead, you’ll have to call on people from all across your org to help navigate all the security vernacular and lingo that’s woven into these questionnaires.

With the added pressure to respond as quickly as possible to avoid slowing down the deal, it’s a tricky balance to be thorough yet speedy.

Why use Thoropass’s security questionnaire tools?

Instead of managing multiple platforms, Thoropass acts as your single source of truth, helping you manage the communication between stakeholders for answers, documents, and other information—-helping you respond faster and with better answers.

Our security questionnaire tools are also completely complementary with our white-glove due diligence questionnaire service: supplement your Thoropass questionnaire library with responses crafted by Thoropass’s experts. Those answers will then auto-populate into your next questionnaire thanks to Fetch.

Need help with security questionnaires?

Reach out for a demo today! Already a customer? Our security questionnaire tools beta is already live in your app: log in and try it out

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