Women of Laika celebrate Women’s History Month

For the month of March, Laika has taken steps to recognize and celebrate our female-identifying colleagues across our workforce. From taking a self-defense Krav Maga class and hearing advice from female executives to popping bottles of champagne, we took a pause to appreciate each other. 

During our weekly all-hands, the team has an opportunity to give kudos and shout-outs to the coworkers who went above and beyond that week. To extend that culture of recognition, we asked the team to nominate the woman of Laika that they see embodying our values each day. These values include entrepreneurship, being customer-focused, collaborating and contributing diverse ideas, and displaying integrity. 

I’m thrilled to say that we received 21 nominations for women across teams and time zones. And the people who nominated these women largely do not work on their teams but collaborate on projects together. 

With those 21 nominees, 3 women were nominated the same number of times! 

I’m happy to congratulate Dominique Carvajal (Engineering), Clarissa Zorr (Marketing), and Cristina Bartolacci (Compliance Architect) on being recognized as outstanding examples of Laika’s values. Each of you is a joy to work with! Thank you for doing your best and showing up each day to drive the dream forward.

Here’s what our team has to say about these phenomenal women.

Dominique Carvajal 

Dominique has been a strong representation of Laika’s values on the engineering team since she joined Laika. Not only is she a fantastic communicator and manager, but she also makes every meeting fun through her enthusiasm and thoughtful contributions. 


Clarissa joined Laika when the marketing team was in desperate need of branding and design help. From the moment she came on board, she was a source of energy and inspiration. As our Brand Director, and as a leader on the marketing team, she has been instrumental in shaping our brand and messaging. 

Cristina Bartolacci

Cristina joined Laika as Compliance Architect in the summer of 2020. She immediately dove into helping our customers shape successful SOC 2 programs, increasing her breadth of compliance knowledge along the way. While our customers love having her guide them through implementation and audit, we love Cristina for all the extra spice she brings to the table (and to #topcheflaika). 

Thank you for your contribution to Laika! If you have any kudos or shouts to give to a member of our team, we want to hear from you.

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