Real Automation + Real Audits: Renewing our commitment to being your favorite compliance platform

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From Thoropass co-founders Sam Li and Eva Pittas:

Thoropass was founded nearly five years ago on the principle that true compliance innovation would only be served by seamlessly providing infosec compliance automation and high quality audit capability together as a single, simplified platform. 

The proof of this approach is in the numbers: thousands of high quality audit reports universally accepted by members of the Fortune 500; approval and support by the highest governing bodies in compliance including AICPA, HITRUST, ISO, PCI etc.; hundreds of satisfied customers; and an immeasurable number of hours saved.

All of this was done in house, and all of it was accomplished while increasing quality.

Over the same time, numerous vendors have arrived in the market attempting to create rapid scale through low-cost offerings. Meanwhile, some of the established players have looked to expand the number of out-sourced service partners under the guise of offering more choice, with little regard for increasing quality.

We’ve stayed true to our mission.

An audit report from Thoropass commands respect and builds trust between businesses. We know this because of our commitment to unparalleled internal standards, and because our customers tell us, both as they maintain compliance and expand into new frameworks. The quality of our audits translates directly into the velocity of their business growth.

But we also know this because of the organizations who seek us out after receiving sub-par service and reports elsewhere. Unfortunately, they know what a lack of quality looks like:

  • Audit firms that are not peer reviewed
  • Audit firms that have no extensive IT experience

  • Audit reports that ignored the evidence collected through automation partners
  • Audit reports with surprising exceptions that took weeks (or months) to rectify
  • Audit reports that were questioned, or rejected, by potential partners

  • Audit processes that ignored the scoping agreement of earlier calls
  • Audit journeys with open-ended timelines and budgets

Thoropass customers have none of these concerns for one very simple reason: our AI-infused automation technology is built and approved by auditors, and our auditors work with clients to scope their audits and ensure audit reports that are of the highest quality and acceptance rate in our industry.

Our deep intersection between compliance automation and audit technology is unmatched. And while other compliance vendors will tout the tooling they provide to support the audit process, or other audit firms will tout their connection to the compliance tools, the fact remains that these will always be disparate systems with different goals and different motivations. No matter how integrated, they will always be separate. 

With separation come gaps that–as we’ve unfortunately seen–can quickly fill with unpredictable problems reflected in inferior compliance processes and audits.

We are proud to lead the industry forward as we enter a new, ever more complex operating environment. Our customers realize that compliance is no longer a check-the-box item that can be set on autopilot. They recognize that the quality of their audit provides a key point of differentiation. They understand the value of being continually “audit-ready” and adaptable as they engage new compliance frameworks, launch new products, and enter new markets. 

We codified our integrated approach to compliance acceleration under the moniker “The OrO Way™” six months ago, but it has been five years in the making. 

The interests of our customers and our mission are aligned. Our success is truly only measured by their success, which is one reason why we’re graduating beyond our previous mission of merely supporting innovation, and are now committed to being the world’s favorite compliance and audit solution.

To be a favorite comes with responsibility that we don’t take lightly. On top of being accessible and innovative, we are also duty-bound to set our customers up for success. To do so requires that we meticulously design and oversee every aspect of the compliance journey: from scoping and evidence collection to issuing the final audit report. Together we’ll build the future of compliance audits.

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