Laika Listed as Hired’s Top Employer Winning Tech Talent

We are happy to announce Laika was recognized in Hired’s “2021 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent” for our commitment to equity, efficiency, and transparency throughout the hiring process. 

In the past year, Laika’s workforce has tripled, and our product, design, and engineering teams have quintupled (yes, that’s 5x growth)! Our team has worked hard to hire efficiently without risking the integrity of our culture. 

The report, released today by Hired, the leading AI-driven hiring marketplace that matches tech and sales talent with top companies, lists the top 10 small, medium, and large companies winning tech talent in the U.S. and U.K. respectively.

Based on data from thousands of connections occurring daily between recruiters and candidates on Hired’s marketplace, the company evaluated employers against three core, value-driven pillars – equity, efficiency, and transparency – essential to a successful employer brand, especially in today’s candidate-driven and competitive hiring market.* 

About Laika’s hiring process

From writing job postings to executing interviews, our team takes hiring seriously. As any employer knows, it’s been a challenging time to hire and retain talent. Each hire we make is focused on our values: entrepreneurship, open and inclusive collaboration, diversity of teams and ideas, and solving big problems for our customers.

Come work with us!

We are hiring for open positions across our organization, but an open role for a Sr. Product Designer is top-of-mind for our growing team. 

Meet Nina, the hiring manager

We’re excited to add another Senior Product Designer to our fast-growing team. While you can find more details on what we’re looking for in a candidate, we pride ourselves on being open collaborators. Moving in a fast-paced startup environment can be stressful, but as the creative arm of the Product and Engineering organization, we stay cool and collected.

Our high-level projects allow us to be separated into squads, and your squad is your family! We’re very close-knit and hold each other accountable without getting aggressive or pointing fingers. Most of all, we take pride in our work and recognize accomplishments as frequently as we can.

And Dani, the lead recruiter for this role

As a first step in the process, we set up a recruiter screen call where you learn more about Laika and the team. If there’s a mutual interest in continuing, we’ll schedule 1:1’s with our amazing Senior Designers and our VP of Product & Design. We want to see what you’re most proud of, so come prepared to showcase your portfolio!

At Laika, teamwork is crucial. That is why we also schedule group chats with some of our designers – you’ll get to ask as many questions as you want around their day-to-day.

Last but not least – our founders are very involved in our recruiting process so you should definitely expect to have a final 30 min conversation with one of them. 

*For each pillar, Hired collected and analyzed specific criteria and metrics based on its proprietary marketplace data between October 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021. 

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