3 reasons why we’re crushing on our customers for Valentine’s Day

Securing new partnerships is always exciting. But there’s nothing more rewarding than exceeding the expectations of our current customers. At Thoropass, we’re lucky to have handfuls of devoted customers-turned-evangelists eager to share their stories of success. So this Valentine’s Day, we’re spreading the love and sharing three reasons why we love them back. 

1. They’re as obsessed with protecting customer data as we are

In our personal and professional lives, having shared values is an essential ingredient for long-lasting relationships. At Thoropass, safeguarding customer data is our top priority, and it’s a sentiment our customers share with us. Just ask Josh Horowitz, Co-Founder and CTO of Stylo, an AI assistant helping customer support agents solve problems more quickly, empathetically, and accurately. As Josh’s customer base grew, so did their security demands. Soon, Josh was ready to stop getting mired in traditional audits and automate his approach.

Seeking a reliable compliance partner led them to Thoropass, which provides Stylo with a streamlined solution and a single source of truth. Josh can now confidently assure prospective clients of Stylo’s deep commitment to data protection, thanks to Thoropass’s meticulous approach.

2. They’re committed to speed (but don’t compromise quality)

Having a partner that moves at your pace is as important in business as in life. Our customers share our dedication to speed and efficiency. Take it from Chris Phillips, Co-Founder and CTO of Capitalize, a FinTech company focused on helping people save for retirement by making it easy to roll over their 401(k)s. As Capitalize grew, Chris needed to swiftly tackle SOC 2 compliance to facilitate deals and demonstrate how seriously they take security and customer data. 

With a robust onboarding process and expert-led gap analysis, Thoropass jump-started the FinTech company’s path to compliance. Within two weeks, Capitalize was up and running with a customized program that tracked all the necessary aspects to achieve SOC 2. With Thoropass’s security audit experience, Capitalize experienced a significant reduction in the time needed to complete its audit. 

3. Their leadership is bought in and wholeheartedly engaged

AcuityMD Co-Founder and CEO Mike Monovoukas is a prime example of a proactive leader determined to accelerate compliance efforts and foster business momentum.

So, early in AcuityMD’s lifecycle journey, Mike chose Thoropass as his partner. 

Once onboarded, AcuityMD was ready to respond to its first security questionnaire within weeks. For their Type 1 audit, AcuityMD’s documents and processes were fully up-to-date within the Thoropass platform, enabling Mike to communicate with his auditor in one central place. Since achieving SOC 2, AcuityMD has grown impressively, increasing its employee base by over 6X and working with over 90 medical device customers.

Final thoughts

There are endless reasons why we love our customers. We get to partner with some of the fastest-growing and most innovative businesses in HealthTech, B2B SaaS, FinTech, and beyond. To get familiar with more of our amazing customer base and learn about the results we’re achieving together, check out more of their success stories. If you’re ready to whiz through your own company’s audit hurdles with grace, talk to a Thoropass expert

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