Scaling your HealthTech compliance program: The ultimate resource

For HealthTech leaders with a hundred questions about infosec security, there are probably 101 separate answers. Finding the correct information is hard enough, while knowing how much of it to implement is the next challenge.

We’ve solved both issues for you in one place:

Find your best path to compliance
Scale your HealthTech compliance program with a multi-framework approach

Our latest strategy guide is part roadmap, part collection of relevant sources, and all meant to get you compliant and into new deals and markets as quickly as possible.

SOC 2, HIPAA, and HITRUST compliance software increasingly compete for attention in today’s HealthTech markets. We’ve cut through the noise to help you pick which compliance framework(s) you need, and point you to when you need them. 

So why establish and expand your compliance program now with one or more frameworks? As HITRUST expert, Zach Rutz, explains.

In the HealthTech industry, data breaches cost a hefty sum. IBM recently reported that HealthTech data breaches had an average price tag of $10.1 million dollars in the last year alone. Implementing one or more frameworks is your best bet to protect and secure your organization from a cyber incident or mishandling of data now (and in the future).

For HealthTech companies, many certifications and attestations may benefit your business. With more frameworks come more controls, but also more opportunities. And the good news is there can be overlap from one framework to another. From SOC 2 to HIPAA and HITRUST, you can drive your business to scale, close deals, and secure partners by implementing vital frameworks.

HealthTech companies can benefit from saved time, money, and resources by utilizing an initial audit to start multiple frameworks. Peach, a company in the HealthTech industry, is a great example of a multi-framework approach to compliance. Their story of managing and leveraging their HIPAA, SOC 1, and SOC 2 offers insight into why demonstrating trust with a more robust compliance program is an impactful business advantage.

Developing a compliance roadmap that is just as unique as your company, and that is designed to meet your specific organizational goals is essential. To save you time from seeking out answers from multiple sources, we’ve compiled everything you need to know into this one offer to get you the roadmap you need to get to the success you deserve.

To fully understand the world of infosec compliance for HealthTech, learn which frameworks suit your growing business, and your custom roadmap to achieve your compliance goals, check out this collection of curated content for HealthTech leaders.

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