How Reprise used Thoropass to get and stay compliant 

How Reprise used Thoropass to get and stay compliant

When it comes to compliance, Thoropass (formerly Laika) helps businesses get and stay compliant without cutting corners. We make getting SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 straightforward with a team of experts that guide you through the process and a platform that is seamlessly designed to complete your audit quickly saving you time and headaches.

Just ask Reprise about their experience. Reprise is a demo creation platform for go-to-market teams that worked with Thoropass to successfully complete their SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 audit. 

We sat down with Evan Powell, Co-Founder and Head of Operations at Reprise, to ask him about his compliance journey with Thoropass. Watch the full video below or read on to learn more.

Why did you begin your compliance journey? 

Evan: When we first started looking into getting security certifications and compliance certifications, we had just raised our Series A. We probably had 35-40 employees. And we were really looking to find ways to level up our go-to-market approach and ensure we’re taking care of our customers.

Why did you choose Thoropass?

Evan: One of the things I was dreading getting into this was, how do I choose an auditor? What makes a good auditor versus something else? How do I know that whoever I’m preparing with is going to help with the auditor? 

With Thoropass, it was just one seamless process. [The audit] just felt like the next step. We completed all of the preparation tasks and rolled right into the audit. We worked with the same main point of contact at Thoropass for both the preparation and then helping to navigate the audit.

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What stood out about the audit process?

Evan: Moving through this process with a partner who can help guide us to what we needed to do really helped us continue our other business priorities while doing something that we thought was really important.

How will SOC 2 help take Reprise to the next level?

Evan: Having SOC 2 Type 2 has been huge for Reprise. Frankly, there are a number of engagements that we get into with Fortune 100 companies where, as soon as they find out that we have a Type 2 and nobody else does, we’re the only vendor they’re looking at. 

Because that’s table stakes for them in terms of getting into those spaces.

Any final thoughts?

Evan: I think vendors and companies have a responsibility to make sure they’re doing business in a way that protects their customers. 

We are enabling companies to create demo environments by pulling and anonymizing data. Well, we have a responsibility to make sure that data is secure, and our compliance efforts help show our customers and prove to ourselves internally that we are doing that.

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