Thoropass is excited to announce a partnership with BrightScale

Thoropass and Brightscale announce their partnership

Thoropass (formerly Laika) is on a mission to help technology companies get and stay compliant as seamlessly as possible. And this wouldn’t be possible without our partners, like BrightScale

We’re thrilled to welcome BrightScale on board as a new service partner. We asked Reid Badgett, Managing Director at BrightScale, to shed some light on what makes their company tick and why this partnership will help enable their customers to grow and take their businesses to the next level. Here’s what Reid had to say.

What does BrightScale do?

“BrightScale helps organizations navigate their growth phase by providing expertise in technology processes, management, and engineering best practices. We support companies that have key personnel in place but lack the necessary technical knowledge for their current stage of development.

BrightScale’s team of seasoned CTOs can help organizations, particularly those experiencing crucial transitions, assess and optimize their IT infrastructure, processes, and personnel. By evaluating key factors such as maturity, architecture, and current capabilities, our experts can offer valuable insights and recommendations to support the organization’s future growth.”

What sets BrightScale apart from others in the industry?

“Our team has extensive experience in building systems that can handle large customer volumes, data, or financial transactions. We understand the importance of using processes that can scale with the organization’s needs. At BrightScale, we enhance the organization’s processes, people, and architecture to ensure optimal results.”

Tell us about a time you helped a customer overcome a particular challenge.

“BrightScale recently assisted a customer in stabilizing their platform by identifying and addressing the root causes of any issues. The team implemented tools and techniques to prevent these problems from occurring in the future, all while supporting the customer in their pursuit of SOC 2 certification.”

Why are you excited to partner with Thoropass?

“We’re excited about partnering with Laika to serve our customers better. It will enable us to take our deep industry knowledge and pair with Laika’s best-in-category tools to audit and achieve compliance.”

“Through our partnership with Thoropass, BrightScale can now help our customers not only benefit from our technology leadership but also achieve SOC2 and other relevant certifications.”

Be like BrightScale. 

Let Laika’s Partner Program help lighten the load and help your customers get and stay compliant with Laika’s best-in-class, all-in-one compliance solution. Learn more about Thoropass’s partner programs here.

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