NYSE Floor Talk welcomes Thoropass back to discuss The OrO Way

NYSE Floor Talk with Sam Li and Eva Pittas

Thoropass co-founders Sam Li and Eva Pittas recently visited the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and were featured on FloorTalk with Judy Shaw (for the second time in six months). The show, published by NYSE, is distributed across the organization’s 300k+ followers on social media and highlights innovative companies who are making industry-changing moves. Thoropass, now a two-time guest, was happy to continue conversations around industry trends.

The conversation delved into the shifting landscape of information security and regulatory compliance, the challenges traditional audit services face, and the revolutionary approach that Thoropass, under the banner of “The OrOTM Way,” is bringing to the world of compliance and Infosec audits.

You can watch the entire interview here:

Shifts in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape

Thoropass has seen significant changes in Information Security (infosec) and regulatory compliance over the past five years. During the interview, our co-founder Sam Li, emphasized a notable shift in the awareness and demand for robust cybersecurity programs.

Further, the regulatory environment in the United States has been changing rapidly, with GDPR-like regulations at the federal level and state-specific privacy and cybersecurity laws. Simultaneously, industry self-governance and a focus on best practices have become integral in ensuring data security. This shift towards regulatory compliance has prompted organizations to invest in multiple information standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HITRUST.

Additionally, Sam touched on the impact of emerging technologies like Web 3.0, generative AI, and the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in shaping the regulatory landscape.

Main challenges with traditional audit services

Eva Pittas, our other co-founder present on the show, continued the conversation by shedding light on the inadequacies of traditional audit services and standalone compliance software in the current environment. She highlighted the lack of technological innovation in the audit process. 

Eva emphasized that despite advancements in information security, there has yet to be a corresponding focus on modernizing audit processes. As the bar for regulatory compliance continues to rise, even smaller vendors find themselves subjected to audits. Therefore, the need for innovation in the audit space is more pressing than ever.

How Thoropass is fixing audits with The OrOTM Way

Wrapping up the discussion, Sam and Eva highlighted how Thoropass’s revolutionary compliance and audit solution, called the “The OrO Way,” is addressing the inefficiencies in information security compliance and audits. The OrO Way combines generative technology with expert audit services in an end-to-end solution unmatched in the industry. This integrated approach enables companies to set up, maintain, and demonstrate compliance within a single suite. The technology-driven auditor side of the platform ensures that efficiency gains are realized throughout the audit process.

Collage of Thoropass team members
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Eva Pittas emphasized that The OrO Way introduces a closed-loop system that blends human support and advanced technology, ensuring predictable and efficient audit processes. With The OrO Way, Thoropass is revolutionizing the audit experience, providing a modern, streamlined approach to compliance and infosec audits.

Thoropass is not only pioneering the transformation of the compliance and infosec audit landscape but also making it more accessible and efficient for companies of all sizes. The innovative approach offered by The OrO Way reflects a significant leap forward in achieving regulatory compliance and data security. Their vision for an integrated, automated, and technology-driven solution is set to redefine how audits are conducted and experienced. As companies continue to navigate the complex world of regulatory compliance, Thoropass and its founders are at the forefront of providing a better way forward.

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