Laika is now Thoropass!

Laika is now Thoropass

When the three of us founded this company back in 2019, we knew we were on to something big, but we had no idea what was to come. The last three years have been a wild ride, to say the least—we’ve grown our user base by more than 5000%, our workforce by 50%, and raised three rounds of capital. Now, we’re excited to announce the next big milestone: Laika is now Thoropass! 

We have a new name and a new visual identity but still offer the same product and service you know and love. Now, more than ever, we exist to build strong foundations for growing businesses, ensuring compliance is never a barrier to progress. As always, we offer an end-to-end compliance solution, pairing software and services that simplify and automate information security compliance—so our customers can do business with confidence. So, why the change?

We’ve made significant investments in our product and in our team and it was time to have a name that more holistically reflected who we are and what we stand for. By changing our name to Thoropass, we are evolving with the everchanging compliance space and differentiating our look to reflect the uniqueness of our offering.

As Thoropass, we’re committed to being laser-focused on driving business growth value for our customers, and we will be the first to celebrate with them when they achieve it! Thoropass is the only true end-to-end compliance solution, offering a seamless audit experience led by specialized auditors who understand the nuances of modern technology companies.

Why ‘Thoropass’?

The name ‘Thoropass’ best encompasses our core offerings and beliefs. We did not pick the name out of thin air; it came from a long and careful exploration of what we offer and how we serve our customers. It’s a portmanteau from Thoro and pass.

Thoro = short for thorough and a nod to thoroughbred horses, trained to perfection. Complete with regard to every detail. 

Pass = a passage that cuts through two peaks of a mountain and is the easiest route for people to travel across. It is the best way through.

These two pieces come together to represent the journey that compliance entails, the easiest and most thorough path to your goals and a dependable partner trained to exceed expectations. We offer the industry’s most thorough audit preparation, continuous monitoring, and seamless audit experience. And we integrate it into an organization’s processes so customers can pass any audit every year—with flying colors! 

In a world of compliance software companies, we’re the most dedicated to our craft. Where others sell ‘fast and easy’ at the expense of quality, we don’t compromise. The new Thoropass brand best reflects our promise to transform the complicated into the straightforward, giving customers confidence throughout their compliance journey.

Our mission is to make it as easy to do the right thing as it is to check a box.

Why rebrand? Why now?

We take pride in tight, thorough, and correct work; standing on a solid foundation is the only way to move forward, and we are your partner to make that happen.

We have and always will believe that compliance should never be a barrier to progress. 

Rebranding helped us truly unpack what that means to ensure our offering serves customers in the best way possible. Becoming Thoropass best represents our ability to perform at every turn and consistently demonstrate our range and capability.

Thoropass’s industry experts have unmatched experience at the intersection of SaaS, security/privacy, and compliance. We free up valuable time for customers every day.

With a refreshed brand, we hope to change the tune on compliance and build a world that’s safer for consumers, seamless for enterprises, and ripe for advancement. In 2023 and beyond, digital compliance is a non-optional part of the strong foundation needed to build trust and a strong reputation. Enterprises and consumers expect more from technology companies. We help customers grow and operate along best practices. And we allow them to showcase their commitment to ensuring the safety of their users in a verifiable way.

We can hardly contain our excitement about doing this work. We’re dedicated to the field and top-notch service, and executing brings a pep to our step. Thoropass’s fresh new look (and little friend, Oro) reflects this!

As a company, we’re also entering an exciting new chapter of growth, so now is the perfect time to evolve our brand. We recently hired our first CFO, Dicken Chaplin, and have continued to stack our executive suite with top-performing leaders to ensure we’re building a superior product and growing responsibly and with laser focus (more info on this coming soon!)

How becoming Thoropass will help serve our customers better

For our customers, rebranding means more than just seeing Laika change to Thoropass across our website, platform, and communications channels. When a company partners with Thoropass, they signal they handle data responsibly. This is critical to closing deals and embedding successfully with customers and partners. We still deliver on our promise to arm customers with unwavering support throughout their compliance journey. Plus, we’re the only compliance solution offering a security audit experience led by a team of specialized auditors.

A reminder that hundreds of growing companies are already doing the right thing and using Thoropass to get and stay compliant with SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, and other standards. We know not everyone is a compliance expert. And that’s ok! That’s why we exist. We’re the compliance experts, so you don’t have to be!  

And last but not least… say hello to our little friend, Oro!

Before we sign off, introductions are in order… meet your new compliance best buddy and our mascot, Oro! You may see Oro on our blog, on your product dashboard, or elsewhere on our website. Oro exists to make your life easier and represents our brand’s approachable expertise, helpfulness, and confidence. 

Oro is no slouch. They are expressive and embody Thoropass’ excitement and optimism regarding compliance and how it will help your business thrive. Oro’s charismatic personality is sure to brighten your day, even when you’re working on the most complex tasks. 

Oro is a personification of Thoropass in that they’re always available to assist so you can rest easy—because compliance never sleeps! Oro helps ensure every experience with our brand is pleasant and positive, and we’re so excited for you to meet and interact with them.

We have a fun new look and feel, but we have and always will exist to help companies grow as seamlessly and holistically as possible. 

At Thoropass, we give you the expertise and help you integrate it, over time, for the lifetime of your company. This is our promise to you.


Austin Ogilvie, Eva Pittas, and Sam Li

You can read the official press release here.

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