Demonstrating trust while saving time – Announcing the GenAI DDQ

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

Your Sales team needs a DDQ in order to close business with a strategic partner. While you’ve already secured several compliance frameworks, including SOC 2 or maybe ISO 27001, the DDQ needs to be filled in from scratch before the deal can close. 

At 250 questions, the security survey will take a few business days, conservatively, to fill out, but will likely require several more days and several team members working together to complete. All in all, the better part of a week will be needed to fill out a form for which you already have most of the information.

Sound familiar?

Enter Thoropass’s GenAI DDQ

Few things are as onerous or essential in information security as due diligence forms. Otherwise known as security surveys or due diligence questionnaires (DDQs), these forms typically contain hundreds of questions that can take hours, if not days, to complete. Once completed, these DDQs can unlock business growth as organizations can better partner together and advance their security postures.

Even if you don’t rely on spreadsheets to fill in the surveys, not all DDQ automation software is the same. Thoropass’s GenAI DDQ not only helps speed up the process of filling in responses, it utilizes the evidence and findings that you already have from previous compliance checks and audits.

Our tests have shown over 80% efficiencies gained by using this tool. This means that the AI technology scans your previously uploaded documents and can fill in 180+ of those 250 questions, saving you an average of 8 hours. If the original DDQ was going to take your team 20 hours to complete, it would now take just six or less. 

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Of course all of these times are estimates, but the efficiencies are real. As you use the tool more and upload more evidence to your Thoropass platform, the efficiencies continue to go up, meaning that some organizations could achieve upwards of 90% efficiency, reducing days of work to hours.

AI saves hours of work

Our DDQ feature leverages best-in-class Generative AI technology. The AI reads your questions and then searches policies, reports, and previous questionnaires from the Thoropass platform or locally uploaded documents in order to autofill the entire questionnaire. You simply review, and approve. 

But with saved time comes obvious concerns about accuracy and security. Can you really speed through these surveys and rely on the data to be accurate? The answer: yes.

Thoropass’s DDQ was designed with accuracy in mind. Your team will have the ability to make custom configurations, both scoring the responses you receive and advising the tool to pull information from local documents in addition to already uploaded documents within Thoropass. 

Worried about AI’s security? Our technology is governed by the same strict data policies employed throughout our platform, which ensures that your data stays local to you and not leaked into a larger LLM accessible to others. You control what gets analyzed and what gets generated in the DDQ.

Trust equals growth

While saving company resources is a major benefit of using DDQs, the main business use is to establish trust across your buyer and partner ecosystem. Especially as companies utilize TPRM and other risk assessment tools to evaluate their business partners, having ready-made DDQs are essential to establishing your organization as a trusted company, and closing business faster.

Obviously documents communicating trust need to be shared with strategic partners. As your Sales team will confirm, though, simply sharing isn’t enough. Deals often hinge on price, trust, and speed, which is why having DDQs fully integrated into the Thoropass platform is a game changer for both IT and Go To Market teams within your organization.

By securing your DDQs in a Thoropass data room, alongside all of your previously collected evidence, certifications, and attestations, everything your company needs to demonstrate its security posture is in a single source of truth: a compliance hub that is always accessible and always up to date.

Our platform is the single source of truth for your entire security and compliance program. AI analyzes and synthesizes your most recent data, ensuring comprehensive reviews and delivering up-to-date, evidence-based, and consistent responses. You just need to review and approve the answers. This minimizes human error, reduces legal risks, and supports ongoing business integrity and growth.

But don’t take my word for it, learn more about Thoropass GenAI DDQ here:

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