Introducing Thoropass’s vision of AI and compliance

Like many other companies, we’ve watched as artificial intelligence has swept across the tech landscape and become commonplace in every industry, company, and home. And, like many others, we’re excited by the level of innovation and possibility that AI ushers in.

However, as the standard-bearers of quality in infosec compliance automation and audits, we also feel compelled to ensure that the industry collectively establishes an effective approach to ensuring data security and maintaining compliance in the age of AI.

We have launched a foundational set of tools that will drastically speed up vendor due diligence, services that help enable companies to implement AI solutions safely and responsibly, and support of compliance frameworks that will help organizations big and small to manage their risk related to AI adoption.

We present the following vision to define our philosophy and set a course for future evolution. This vision will guide us, our customers, and the industry forward.

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Sam Li, Founder & CEO

Our vision for AI and compliance

Every company is now an AI company. Whether they build AI products and services or not, GenAI and LLMs are now acronyms that every business should have in their service agreements and long-range business plans.

The majority of a recent Y-Combinator cohort was “AI-native.” At any tech or business conference you attend, almost every panel touches on GenAI. Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI (among others) are in an arms race for supremacy in the field in ways we haven’t seen in technology since the birth of cloud and smartphones, and many say the internet.

However, AI is not only about opportunity and growth. Cries of genuine concern have grown louder even as companies have raced to join the gold rush. Issues around copyright, hallucinations, abuse, and security are increasingly entering the exciting conversations about new innovations.

We cannot risk being passive observers.

Your company is an AI company. Even if you don’t produce AI products, your employees likely use AI services, which have been formed out of our collective data. Likewise, as we embrace the possibilities present in new innovations, we must also face the consequences of the concerns being raised.

There is no divide at this stage: we are all living together in the AI era. And in this AI era, Thoropass believes we need to foreground security as we look to embrace change responsibly. This is why, in both our products and our practices, we believe:

  • a better future is possible as long as we are thoughtful about how we balance security and innovation.
  • our original mission–to ensure that compliance is never a blocker to innovation–is just as applicable in the AI era.
  • infosec compliance is more important and more complex than ever.
  • infosec compliance can be important while simultaneously accelerating innovation.
  • we will accomplish this by creating products, services, and solutions that not only keep pace with, but preempt where AI security challenges will occur.
  • AI is only as effective as the humans that guide it, and the humans at Thoropass represent a hand-picked collection of auditors, compliance experts, and SMEs who work with our engineers to build adaptive and innovative solutions.
  • as the only infosec compliance automation and audit platform with AI-infused technology, in-house experts, and customer-first processes to provide the OrO Way of a simple and streamlined solution, we can help companies meet the current and future challenges posed by AI.

While the “what” of AI continues to take the spotlight, Thoropass believes the “who” is equally important. Our experts take this responsibility seriously and are at the heart of everything we embrace as a company. We enter this AI era by acknowledging the promise and perils of a changing world. To ensure that all companies enter on equal footing, and with security and privacy at the top of mind, we believe:

1. AI will revolutionize how compliance is done

Traditionally, compliance work has been characterized by manual processes, extensive documentation, and meticulous scrutiny of regulatory requirements. Audits – the mechanism to prove that what’s written on the policy is operating effectively in real life – are slow, backward-looking, and often unverifiable.

Thoropass was already built on the product vision of Verifiable Compliance at Scale, and bringing The OrO Way of compliance and audit to over a thousand customers, but AI will push our customers’ and partners’ experiences to the next level. Not just in terms of efficiency and accuracy, we now see a world where compliance in real-time is not only possible, but the new norm.

Thoropass and its business partners are already using AI to scan mountains of evidence in order to uncover security gaps and deliver compliance feedback in record time. What used to take hours can now be done with a click of a button, and as a result our experts have more time to focus on strategic initiatives and higher impact work. This is just the beginning.

AI-powered DDQs
Introducing new Due Diligence Questionnaires, powered by GenAI

Answer dozens of questionnaries in a fraction of the time with Thoropass’s new GenAI DDQs

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2. The world urgently needs new rules to govern our AI future, and government and industry must work together

As GenAI goes mainstream, its risks to society and businesses are becoming increasingly evident. Existing regulations and compliance standards do not provide practitioners with sufficient guidance to manage AI-related risks. To fully realize AI’s benefits while mitigating its dangers, it is essential for government and industry to collaborate closely and immediately to form new regulations and governing frameworks for AI.

Reaching consensus takes time, but that should not be a blocker to action. Thoropass and its business partners are staying informed about regulations from countries and governing bodies such as the US and EU, state governments like those in New York and Colorado, and industry groups such as HITRUST and ISO. We are also launching product offerings that support the latest AI compliance frameworks, such as ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF.

Additionally, we provide services like AI pentesting to ensure that enterprises embarking on their own AI journeys do not have to be the first line of defense in protecting their data.

AI pentesting offering
Thoropass's AI pentesting offering ensures secure and ethical use of AI

Manage AI-related risk and ensure compliance with new and emerging AI frameworks with AI pentesting.

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3. AI needs human experts

At its core, Thoropass believes that many AI use cases will benefit from human oversight, particularly in the compliance and risk management realm. By putting human experts squarely at the crossroads of where AI meets strategy, data, and security, companies will be able to reduce their risk and maintain a strong compliance posture. Having compliance experts at the table will result in a faster, safer, and more ethical approach to AI use.

At Thoropass, our auditors use AI-infused technology to achieve efficiencies that weren’t before possible but will soon be table stakes for infosec compliance. The unique solution that only we offer is the combination of human expertise and cutting-edge technology. We are your compliance co-pilot, and we will never put your compliance on auto-pilot (alone).

What this means for you

Just as we’ve been leaders in “traditional” infosec compliance since our founding, we bring the same level of expertise to AI compliance. Our job is to navigate the complexities of AI regulations and standards so you don’t have to.

By partnering with us, you can focus on your core business while we ensure your AI initiatives meet the highest compliance standards. Let us guide you in building your organization’s AI future—a future that is not only innovative but also fair, safe, and responsible.

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