Customers Love Laika: 6 G2 Reviews 

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New year, new reviews! We don’t mean to brag, but recently, Laika hit over 100 G2 reviews, with over 90 being five stars. Yep, you read that number right. A vast majority of those who use Laika absolutely LOVE it and feel Laika meets their business needs.

But to spare you the time of sifting through countless reviews, below are six selected quotes from various founders, managers, and CTOs to give you some perspective on what all the fuss is about. 

Laika streamlines the process

Step-by-step, Laika streamlines and quickly implements a tailored compliance program. Our automated compliance includes our central hub which is ideal for implementing controls, managing audits, and ensuring continuous compliance. You can work with teammates and Laika experts to create roadmaps, action items, and so much more to manage the process effectively and efficiently.

“Easy step-by-step process to follow. Great support – best value compared to other products.” – Drew H., CTO

If there is one thing about Laika, it’s that our product and team make compliance easy. Laika’s founders started Laika to create a beautiful, intuitive automated compliance solution espousing collaboration, automation, integrated tooling, and user education as core design principles. With a complete strategy and expert compliance architects that eliminate knowledge gaps (and take a friendly approach to compliance!), we streamline the process to make it a great one. 

“Makes a painful process a whole lot more manageable” – John S., CTO

Infosec compliance is mandatory in highly-regulated markets. But compliance is often complex and painful. We understand that, which is why Laika offers a comprehensive platform where you manage every facet of compliance in one place.

Additionally, bundled expert services deliver the fastest, most efficient path to continuous compliance. 

“Laika makes it simple and easy to approach SOC2 requirements. They are always available when we have questions and want to hop on a call, and they make an effort to guide our SOC2 efforts on a constant basis.” – Emery A., Founder

No question is too small or too big for the Laika team! Highly-trained auditors and compliance experts empower businesses to get compliance done right — the first time around. With guidance available at any time, we strive to provide a top-quality program that makes it simple to audit faster and move on with what’s next in your business.

Laika makes compliance easier

Laika strives to add value to our product by offering trusted expert guidance to make your audit seamless. We help cut through complexity, build and automate your infosec compliance program, and ensure continuous compliance. The best part? We’re humans who care and are excited to get you compliant so you can focus on other needs for your business.

“Compliance meets human” – Anonymous

Guess what? We like compliance and are excited about it. You won’t get a robot or automated message, but you will get a passionate team that isn’t just excited by what Laika offers but is also invested in the success of you and your business. 

“Laika is our trusted partner, and we rely on their guidance when it comes to our security and compliance posture.” – Gur B., COO

Laika is creating trust in the marketplace and empowering growth for businesses through unparalleled compliance expertise. From building policies to evidence gathering to having your report in hand, we focus on your company’s success and supporting you through the audit experience quickly and efficiently.

“Great support & an easy platform to get you up and running quickly with SOC!” – Sarah L., COO

Our guidance and support are always there to help you with questions. Whether it’s with operating our platform or guidance on your compliance journey, we get you to where you want to be faster.

Ready to experience a seamless audit in the new year? 

We simply can’t wait to show you what all the buzz is about. Schedule a demo and learn more about why Laika is so highly recommended.

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